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Spun (2002) Left Me Spinning

Watched the 2002 Drug (Meth) film, Spun last nigh and Iit lived up to it’s nhame and left me spinning.

The story of an increasingly out of control Meth-Head, Ross (played by Jason Schwartzman) that ends up working as a driver for for a Meth cooker (known simply as “The Cook” and played by Mickey Rourke ) and his girl friend Nikki (played by Brittany Murphy). The movie takes place over three or four days and it is a crazy mixed up adventure. Also staring John Leguizamo and Mena Suvari (as the Dealer “Spider” and his girlfriend “Cookie”.

I am not going to bother explaining what happens in this film, but I will note that it is a dark, drug ac tion-adventure (slight) comedy mind-F@3k. If you think you can handle something like that, the I definitely recommend this film, but if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then it really isn’t for you. Hell, in my opinion Mickey Rourke’s performance is reason enough to justify watching.

Check out the trailer here:


Stan Helsing – Don’t Bother

Watched the Monster Movie Spoof, Stan Helsing last night… and mostly wish I hadn’t.

I really enjoy a funny spoof at the best (and worst of times), and am very forgiving of bad movies (hence this blog), but this movie was for the most part boring. There were a few laughs, and really, I watch at least two movies a week that make this look like a masterpiece…but it was boring. Unoffensive, but boring. I can forgive a lot in a movie but please don’t bore me.

Mostly a cast of unknowns (to me, at least), Leslie Nielsen makes a cameo (as a woman…kind of), and I think starring a pair of big breasts and two nice butts (mostly the only thing that kept me awake enough to finish the movie), and some guy that looks weirdly a lot like a friend of mine, Miles as Stan Helsing – the reluctant Monster Slayer.

Only watch this if you have to watch all the spoof movies…

Check out the trailer below:

Plan 9 From Outer Space

About a week and a half ago I watched Plan 9 From Outer Space, the infamous Ed Wood film that is often panned as the worse movie ever (see Troll 2 if you want to see a movie that might jostle it off that dubious platform). 

A mess from start to finish, this movie is just barely a movie. Bad actging, bad editing and bad storyline make for a horrendous must-watch if you love bad movies. It kinda’ stars Bela Lugosi – that is, footage filed a few years previously was edited in (Lugosi had died by the time this film was released), and when they needed additional footage, Ed Wood’s chiropractor (I have also heard it was his dentist) was used, with his face obscured by his cape.

Honestly, aside from an invasion from space, I am not really sure what this movie is about. I do know that it is featured in one of my favourite Seinfeld episodes.

You can watch the entire movie for free (and legally), on Youtube by clicking the link below:

Top Secret (1984) – The Secret? This Movie is Really Funny

Top Secret Movie PosterI watched the movie, Top Secret last night. This is a 1984 comedy  that spoofs spy/war/60’s teeny-bopper movies that had me laughing from start to finish.

Starring a young Val Kilmer as Nick Rivers, an American heart throb musician on a cultural trip to East Germany. Along the way he gets mixed up with the French resistance (weird, I know), and has to help them foil an attempt to destroy the entire NATO submarine fleet with an atomic mine called the Polaris Mine. 

This movie is chock full of silly goodness. Always keep your eye on the background as there is a lot of  gags going on all the time. There’s a lot of eye-rolling puns, and physical gags as well as spoofs of movies that were reasonably current at the time – most would be lost on any watchers under 35 -40 years old, but don’t let that deter you – this movie is still funny. I mean, there’s an under water western bar fight, and some of the best acting by a cow that I have ever seen so WATCH IT!!!

Check out the trailer here and then go to what ever online retailer you deal with to buy a copy.

Troll 2 – A Serious Contender For Worst Movie I have Ever Seen

I watched Troll 2 back on Friday, April 20, 2012 and I am still shaking my head at it. I had heard for years that this was one of the worse movies ever made, but somehow I had not watched it yet. Released in 1990, and despite being called “Troll 2” there are no Trolls in the movie, or even mentioned. The movie is full of Goblins, and has absolutely no connection to the original movie, Troll.

The reason the movie piqued my interest is because I recently watched a documentary about the film called “The Best Worst Movie” ( which reunites the cast and director to discuss their experiences making the film and what they are up to now – a fun, documentary about a pathetic movie. I just had to watch it after that.

The story (if you can call it that) is about a family that are taking part of a holiday home swap with a family from a town called “Nilbog.” When they arrive they find a strange town filled with strange people. The family’s son is tipped off to the evil lurking in Nilbog by his dead Grandfather, and he must find a way to save his family.

Bad, bad, bad movie, but I am glad I watched it. Only watch this if you truly enjoy watching bad movies for bad movies sake.  

Check out the film’s trailer here:

Father’s Day (2011)… Holy Cow – What Did I watch?

Just finished watching the Troma film, Father’s Day and my head is still spinning.This Canadian production is what I like to call Nouveau Grindhouse: new movies with an intentional gritty,dirty and cheap made for the 1970’s Drive-In feel.

This film is brutal, gory, gruesome and socially unnerving… and funny. A supernatural gore-fest sexual comedy? I don’t really know how else to describe it. The basics? fathers are being killed, a young punk that is being harassed by a jerk cop, , a young, confused and wimpy priest, an ex cop, just out of jail for a revenge killing that went wrong and his stripper/hooker sister have to defeat the Satanic killer of those fathers. Fill in the middle parts with gore, horror, incest, murder, rape and some laughs. Yeah… that’s the ticket.

Watch it if you like the movies I have suggested on this blog in the past. If you don’t like the movies I have blogged about, then don’t watch this: you’ll hate it (are you reading this, Tim?). I liked it.

Check out the trailer here:

Doghouse (2009) Great Stuff – Mostly

Watched the 2009 Infected Zombie movie, Doghouse, last night. A fun film from Ireland, the gist of the story is that group of buddies decide to take their friend who is going through a divorce out for a guy’s weekend. They travel to a small town that supposedly has a ridiculously high women to men ratio, in the hopes of helping him forget his woes. When they arrive, they find a desolate village where the female population has been turned into man killing zombies. A weird film, and funny through out, It becomes almost crippled by a particularily stupid ending… In my opinion, at least. Would I recommend it? Maybe if you want a laugh. My only real issue with the film, as already stated, is the weak ending. Check out the trailer here:

Watching the Awesome Classic, Scanners (1981)

Tonight’s movie is the 1981 classic, Scanners. That makes two David Cronenberg movies in less than a week.. Scanners, and if you haven’t seen it before is the story of a group of people with the ability to “Scan” other people minds. This allows them to read minds and cause all kinds of havoc (including some awesomely gruesome head exploding action). Staring Michael Ironside, this movie does not fail to deliver. Action, good acting, storyline and great direction makes this a must watch – and a possible re-watch if you haven’t seen it before.

Check out the trailer below: 

The Curse of Frankenstein. Zzzzz…

So, I watched the 1957 Hammer film, The Curse of Frankenstein. Staring Peter Cushing as Doctor Frankenstein and Christopher Lee as the Monster in this stylistic British period pieces. Well acted, well written and a little boring, this movie suffered from the too much talking and not enough monster action. Perhaps I started watching it a little too late in the evening, and that may have made it seem more boring than it was… I don’t know, Hammer Films are good films, and this is not a bad film, just a little long winded. Christopher Lee makes an awesome Monster, and actually one of the better looking ones, in my opinion – I just wish we had seen more of him. So, I am disappointed with this film, but it’s not terrible. I’ll be watching more Hammer Films in the future, as the are great Film company, and their Dracula series is top notch (and also stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee). Expect to see a few of those discussed here in the future.

Check out the trailer:

Where Can You Find Cheezy Movies Online?

We live in great times if you, like myself, appreciate B-Movies, because the Internet is polluted with these old, cheezy movies available for watching/downloading legally (in most cases).

Recently Google has expanded their movie service on Youtube. Now you can rent full length movies through the popular video service, but what many do not know is that there is a huge number of movies available for free also. I have watched several movies for free over the last few months on Youtube, including the notorious Ed Wood film, Plan 9 From Outer Space, the Filipino exploitation films, Brides of Blood and the Mad Doctor of Blood Island. There are lots more to come, I am sure as there are tons of B-Movies up there.

Another great source is the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is an organization that is indexing and archiving the Internet, as well as preserving media for the future. In their “Moving Images” section under Feature films you can find hundreds of public domain movies. I have watched quite a few Film Noir movies and a number of Science Fiction 50s B-Movies. There’s is whole lot more there too, including TV shows and music. This is actually my favourite spot on the Internet.

There are lots of other places too – all it takes is a Google search for Public Domain movies will reveal a plethora of sources. -Why not send me an email of your favourite, freely available movies on the Web? Email me at and share?

Check out these links to get yourself watching free movies:

Youtube Free Movies:

Internet Archive Feature Films:

The Devil’s Rock (2011)

Last night we watched a New Zealand film, The Devil’s Rock. A story of a couple of New Zealand soldiers on the cusp of D Day who discover Germany’s plan to create/conjure a Paranormal Demon weapon to be used against the Allies.

A low budget film that gets the job done, The Devil’s Rock uses practical effects (masks, silicone and blood), instead of CGI, which is a breath of fresh air from low budget flicks that use special effects that lok like they were created on an under powered laptop from the 90s. Pretty good acting, gore and a great visual  experience, we liked this movie. If you look it up on, they only give it a 5.1 out of 10, but if you look at the user reviews, it trends much higher.

Look for this film and buy it. Or… Hey! You can rent it on at

Here’s the trailer:

David Cronenberg’s The Brood (1979)

Tonight we are watching the 1979 David Cronenberg psychological Sci-Fi horror film, The Brood. A Canadian film but with a universal appeal.

This one folks, is a good one. Cronenberg knows how to make a movie and this one is no exception. A series of murders apparently committed by children, somehow intertwined with a popular psychotherapist’s radical technique called “psychoplasmics.”

A smartly written movie that really makes you think which is unusual in any genre. Good acting and a good story line combined with pretty good production means this isn’t a bad movie, but it is a “different” movie which is good enough for me to put it on the list. Available on Amazon and well worth it. 

Check out the trailer here:

Cannibal Holocaust – Not for Those With Weak Stomachs

So I just finished watching Cannibal Holocaust, and a cannibal film from 1980. This film is easily one of the most disturbing things that I have ever seen. It’s because of this film you now see the disclaimer about no animals being hurt or killed in – many animals were hurt and killed in this bloody, and violent film, The film itself is kind of like the original Blair Witch in that it is supposed to be made up of primarily film recovered from a lost film crew… I think I would have actually liked it if it weren’t for all the killing of animals – it’s not fake in this film. The story is about a film crew in the Amazon that disappear while filming Cannibal tribes.. These people kill and maim to get the footage they need, and leaving a trail of destruction… Its really no wonder why they disappeared. I won’t recommend this one, but thought I have to give it points for being cutting edge.

EDIT: After watching the film last night, I read that the makers of the film had murder charges brought against them as it was believed that actors were killed in the making of the film. The allegations of murder were proven to be false, and those charges were dropped but the film makers were charged with animal cruelty and the picture pulled in many markets.

Here is a link to the trailer:


Tonight’s Movie: Thou Shalt Not Kill… Except

Thou Shalt Not Kill, ExceptNot necessarily a bad movie, but definitely not a good movie, tonight’s faire is a flick from the producers of The Evil Dead and starring Sam Raimi (director of the Evil Dead), called Thou Shalt not Kill… Except (a.k.a. “Stryker’s War). It’s a film about Jack Stryker, a Vietnam vet just back from the war who’s girl friend and her Grandfather and pretty much the whole town are victimized by a murderous Messianic Hippy leader (played by Sam Raimi), and his cult. It’s a story about revenge… Stryker’s revenge. Stryker gets his ‘Nam buddies back together to deliver a whole crap load of revenge. They turn there little bit of America in to a warzone. Some cheezy acting and some fun action with just enough gore. Sam Raimi does a good job playing the evil hippy cult leader who believes himself to be Jesus Christ and everybody’s favourite star, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead anyone? Hello?) has a writing credit. 

Oh… and the cabin from the Evil Dead movies is in it!

Not a classic, but a fun watch. 

Check out the trailer here:

Tomorrow night looks like it might be Cannibal Holocaust. 

Welcome to I Like Bad Movies

welcome to my blog dedicated to movies (and TV shows) so bad that you have to love ‘em on some level. I am a firm believer in Crap as Art, and B-Movies are one of the best examples of this in real life.

I will try to remember to post regularly as I watch these terrible bad/good shows. I will post links to the movies when they are available for free (legally, that is), or to clips/trailers etc. if that is all that is available.

I think it’s going to be a fun journey, and I hope you’ll join me for it!