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Cannibal Holocaust – Not for Those With Weak Stomachs

So I just finished watching Cannibal Holocaust, and a cannibal film from 1980. This film is easily one of the most disturbing things that I have ever seen. It’s because of this film you now see the disclaimer about no animals being hurt or killed in – many animals were hurt and killed in this bloody, and violent film, The film itself is kind of like the original Blair Witch in that it is supposed to be made up of primarily film recovered from a lost film crew… I think I would have actually liked it if it weren’t for all the killing of animals – it’s not fake in this film. The story is about a film crew in the Amazon that disappear while filming Cannibal tribes.. These people kill and maim to get the footage they need, and leaving a trail of destruction… Its really no wonder why they disappeared. I won’t recommend this one, but thought I have to give it points for being cutting edge.

EDIT: After watching the film last night, I read that the makers of the film had murder charges brought against them as it was believed that actors were killed in the making of the film. The allegations of murder were proven to be false, and those charges were dropped but the film makers were charged with animal cruelty and the picture pulled in many markets.

Here is a link to the trailer:



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