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The Adventures Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) – I Should Have Watched This Years Ago

Wow… What a freakin’ trip this movie was! I am not even sure where to start with this movie.

A rip roaring spoof of Sci-Fi classics, this movie is fun from start to finish. Our protagonist, Buckaroo Bonzai is a modern (well, 1984 modern) Renaissance man. A world leading Brain Surgeon,  stunt driver, rock star, physicist ladies man that is awesome at everything he does. 

While testing a well… ford van capable of breaking the sound barrier, Buckaroo Banzai also tests and proves that matter can pass through matter by taking advantage of the spaces between atoms (I think), by driving right through a mountain. That experiment unwittingly opens a door to the eighth dimension allowing the alien race the Red Lectroids  escape from their interdimensional prison to threaten the Earth and the good Black Lectroids. On the brink of a space war, Buckaroo and his band of associates save the world. Along the way he meets and saves a woman (Elin Barkin as Peggy Priddy) first from herself and then from the Black Lectroids, led by Lord John Whorfin who has taken over the mind and body of Dr. Emilio Lizardo (played brilliantly by John Lithgow). 

This is a stylishly fun film that deserves way more recognition that it gets. It is chock full of big name actors putting on great, bizarre performances. Extremely 80s in look and feel, this is a great campy film Fans of the film are rabid, and you can find many fan sites all over the web, I say this film is a must watch for the lovers of the bizarre and fun.

Check out the trailer below:


Hangar 18 (1980) – I Can’t Believe I Loved This as a Kid

This is a movie about a Space Shuttle crew that launches a satellite that appears to be destroyed when it impacts with a U.F.O. and the government conspiracy to cover it up.

Staring Gary Collins and Robert Vaughn (and quite a few “oh, that guy” actors), this movie revolves around the government attempting to cover up a collision between a satellite and a U.F.O. and the subsequent retrieval of an intact U.F.O. along with it’s occupants, and two Shuttle Astronauts attempting to get to the bottom of what is becoming a cover up that may end up with them blamed with destruction of the satellite in order to hide the fact that the Earth has been visited by Aliens. So, it’s pretty much a race between the Astronauts trying to find evidence of what they themselves witnessed and the governments attempt to hide all such evidence. Then there’s the group at Hangar 18 working on the captured U.F.O. and it’s inhabitants. The Alien

Tepid acting, poor writing and a lame story, yet I still enjoyed this a bit – partly due to the memories it brought back from my childhood – I saw this back when it was released and thought it was awesome (sure is easy to impress a kid!), and part for how serious it tries to be. The eighties were interesting times, but this isn’t a very interesting movie. I watched it on Netflix and if you have Netflix you might want to give it a go, as it won’t cost you anything extra (but your time). It’s also available on Youtube in it’s entirety so there’s another option to watch it.

Here’s a clip from the movie:

Check out the whole movie here:

Sssssss (1973) – Cold Blooded Crapiness

Another fun groaner, Sssssss stars a youngish Dirk Benedict (the Original Starbuck from the first Battlestar Galactica and Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck from the A Team) as David a student sent to work with Doctor Stoner, a world famous (but apparently underfunded) herpetologist played by Strother Martin who ends up becoming the subject of a diabolical experiment to change humans into snakes. Dr. Stoner gives David a series of shot that he tell him are inoculations against the venom of the King Cobra, but are actually the Dr.’s secret serum that transforms humans into snakes. 

So, I guess it comes down to would I recommend it or not.  Probably not. If you have Netflix and want to check it out, then go for it. If you have to go and look for a copy of this film, then I’d say forget it.Through in the Dr.’s nerdy and semi attractive daughter as a love interest, 

a couple of police and the weird bit about the Dr selling his not as successful earlier attempt at 

transforming a human to a snake to a freak show as a “Half Man Half Human” exhibit and you have most of what makes up this movie. There is some unexplained animosity between Dr. Stoner and a Professor at the local college or University – or if it was explained, I didn’t take the time or effort to absorb that information. Also, it’s the only movie with a mongoose that I’ve seen in quite some time (I haven’t seen Rikki-Tikki-Tavi since I was a kid).

Check out the trailer here:

Phantasm (1979) Horror With Balls – Literally

Well this is a creepy, well made horror flick with a dash of Sci-Fi that left me satisfied. Basically an alien entity known as the Tall Man is stealing bodies, and reanimating them and exporting them back to his planet as slaves. Acquiring the bodies is easy as the tall and has set himself up as an undertaker.

Unfortunately (for the Tall Man), a couple of friends attend their recently deceased friend’s funeral, starting the exposure of the Tall Man’s operation. One of the two friends has recently lost his parents and is in charge of his younger brother. The younger brother is convinced that his older brother will be leaving him, and therefore finds himself always following him around – including to the funereal. While hiding out, spying on his bother and the funereal he notices some weird stuff happening (like the Tall Man lifting the casket by himself and placing it in the back of the hearse – that’s a ridiculous amount of weight to be handled by one person. Trying to convince others that there’s shenanigans going on, he pretty much fails, until he is able to enter the mortuary and gather some unusual evidence that convinces his brother of the weirdness going on. The rest is a battle between the broyhers (and the older brother’s buddy, Reggie – the Ice Cream truck driver) against the Tall Man and his army of shrunk down reanimated bodies (oh – and a cool killer flying chrome robotic ball).

This is a stylish film that is surprisingly enjoyable, despite the fact that I can’t stand the acting of a couple of the characters – not unusual with these types of films .

This is one that I definitely suggest watching, and as it is part of a quartet of films (that means there is three sequels),  you can pretty much be sure that I’ll be reviewing those over the next few weeks. 

Check out the trailer here:

The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

Some more Sci-Fi fun with the 1977 film, The Incredible Melting Man. An astronaut, Steve West is exposed to radiation on a mission to Saturn that leaves him crazy and hungry for human flesh… And melting.. Did I mention that he’s melting? Oh, and apparently he’s incredible. Steve West is being pursued throughout the film by a scientist that wants to help him and a General that wants to capture him, all the while finding victims to chow down on. This is pretty bland acting with a weak plot and what’s probably not the best screen writing. Still, the the bad guy melting astronaut looks pretty gross and there’s enough funny cheeziness to make it worth watching. For most of the film, the melting astronaut is stalking victim for their flesh while the government hunts for him. With a little NASA stock footage thrown in every once in a while, the Melting astronaut seems to be having flashbacks of the mission that doomed him as when he is on screen, there is audio playback from sounds like mission control. I thought the film took itself too seriously until I read that it was originally supposed to be a parody of horror Movies, and but that most (or all) of the funny parts were removed, leaving a run of the mill, mostly crappy B-Movie in its wake. It has an almost “Made for TV” feeling, though I do vaguely remembering

seeing the movie poster as a kid in a theatre and thinking it looked cool. The poster left it’s mark I guess, because once I saw that the movie was on Netflix, I jumped at the chance to watch it. Sometimes you should let memories be. That being said, I should note that the effects are done quite well – he looks like he’s melting. This shouldn’t be a surprise though as the effects are done by special effects great, Rick Baker

This film was also featured on the always awesome Mystery Science 3000 TV show.

Suggested watching? Not really, but to be honest it wasn’t even close to being as bad as many of other movies I’ve watched over the last few weeks.

 Watch the Trailer here:

And you can find the movie on Mystery Science 3000 here (on Youtube):

Thankskilling (2009)- So Stupid, I Almost liked it

So bad… But it made me laugh. A short film (66 minutes), I managed to get through this one with my buddy a couple of days ago. The idea: a 500+ year old homicidal turkey get revenge on society for the injustices against the native, North American.

Really bad, Evil Turkey monster, cheezy death effects – standard fare for these movies. In a away it fells a little like a Troma film (but worse – far worse). I managed to ghet through this mess, and although I can’t say that I would really suggest watching it, if you read this blog, you most likely will watch it.

Available on Youtube for free, you won’t have to work to find a copy.

Check out the trailer here:

And the full movie here (if you want):

Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962) – More Boring but Mildy Interesting Sci-Fi Fare

Another weird, cheezy Science Fiction movie – that’s two in one day! This one is a little older than the last (Cosmos – War of the Planets – 1977), but don’t let that fool you: Iit packs a full arsenal of cheeziness.

It’s the story of an ill-fated Space mission sent by the United Nations to explore the seventh planet, Uranus. Expecting to find a frozen wasteland, they discover themselves on what seems to be a lushly forested Earth. They soon find that what they imagine soon seems to become real (almost). They have come under the influence of and evil psychic alien that distracts and tempts them by creating illusions of their deepest desires.  The evil entity plans to come back to Earth via the bodies and minds of the crew, and when it gets to Earth, it plans global domination – like most Evil Aliens. The crew therefore must find a way to defeat the Alien…

Do they defeat the Alien? Come on – do you really need to ask that? Watch it your self if you need to know. It’s a little boring and dry, but it’s a movie. It’s a little reminiscent of 1972 Polish Sci-Fi classic, Solaris (a little, I said).  I know you can find a low quality copy on Google Video (of all places), and I watched it on Netflix, so if you want to see it, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it.

See the Trailer below:

Cosmos – War of the Planets (1977) Interesting if Bad…

A weird piece of Spaghetti Sci-Fi (low budget, mostly poorly acted and written Science Fiction movies made in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s), I found myself watching this evening on Youtube (the whole bad movie can be found there). The message is received on Earth that is interrupting all communications. A ship and it’s Brash Captain (and crew, of course) are sent to investigate. They discover a race of humanoids that have been kept captive by a super robot of their own design. The super robot has designs on Earth now and the Captain and his crew must destroy that robot… That’s about it. Weirdly stylish and in some ways visually reminiscent of the old 1970’s TV series, Space 1999, there’s not too much compelling about the story and I did not recognize not an single actor – still, I ended up watching the entire thing. Is it good? Definitely not. Is it watchable? Obviously so – as I watched it all. Recommended? I don’t know – It was a little interesting…

Watch the whole damned thing here:

Summer of Massacre (2012) – I Like Bad Movies, But Not This One

Like the URL for the site reads, I like bad movies, but I have to say I didn’t like this one. I only watched it because a friend of mine had read about it in Fangoria magazine, where they touted the sheer volume of on screen kills. There were a lot of kills – but the CGI used looked worse than some that I experience in early Sega Saturn games (read that as bad). Broken into several “chapters,” each with it’s own story – this disjointed piece of crap bored the hell out of me.

Don’t bother with this film – it is real junk that doesn’t deserve the time it took to write this.

Here’s a trailer if you can be bothered to watch:

Two Headed Shark Attack (2012) – Stupidly Fun

Well this is a fun one: a movie about a gigantic, two headed shark, and the college students that are terrorized by it. I’m not entirely sure why there’s a class of American students somewhere in the tropic on a boat, but there is. I’m also not sure why there is a giant two-headed shark, but there is. I’m not sure why the island (an atoll, actually) that they take refuge on is sinking, but it is.I’m not sure about a lot in this silly movie but I kind of liked it anyway. Forgettable characters played by forgettable actors (Including Carmen Electra and Brooke Hogan, daughter the famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan) with a forgettable script but so silly a concept that it won me over. I’m not going to bother telling you about the plot because the plot doesn’t matter -if you can enjoy a movie because it’s bad, then this film is made for you. If you are a fan of the classic Roger Corman B-Movie Drive-In monster movie kind of films, then this film is for you. If you answered no to both or either of those questions then this film is most likely not for you – and I am not sure how you found this blog (a joke – really!). I wouldn’t go out of your way to watch this, but if you did get access to it easily enough, and you want a good laugh then watch Two-Headed Shark Attack. Check out the trailer here:

Night of the Living Dead (1990) – Tom Savini Did a Good Job

imageLast week I watched two versions of Night of the Living Dead, The Millenium Edition (avoid this like the plague), and Night of the Living Dead, the 1990 Tom Savini remake. Savini’s version IS worth watching. You might not know Tom Savini by name, but he is one of the best special effects guy in the business.

More of a re-imagining than a re-make, I found this very enjoyable. It starts off very much like the original, and mostly stays with the same story line. The main differences come in the portrayals of the characters. Barbara in the original film spends most of the film in a pathetic near catatonic state, whereas in this edition she turns into a lean, mean Zombie Killing Machine – actually a nice change. You Sci-Fi fans out there might recognize Babara as the actress Patricia Tallman who went on to portray the telepath Lyta Alexander in the television series Babylon Five. Although Tony Todd puts in a typically good job in the roll of Ben, the protagonist, there’s a more than a bit of cheezy acting, but that is a good thing (in moderation) in this  type of film.

I really didn’t expect much before I started watching this, and I was pleasantly surprised at not being bored, or pissed at a poor remake of a classic. This movie acts as a great lead in to the other Romero “Dead” movies and I really suggest watching it.

Check out the trailer below:

Maniac Cop (1988) – A Little Cheese? Yes Please…

I watched the 1988 Cop-Horror film, Maniac Cop with my friend last night and have to say I enjoyed it. Starring Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell, and a whole bunch “oh… that guy” actors, it gets moving kinda slowly but ramps up around the one hour mark.

The gist of the story is that a police officer was wrongly convicted on charges to benefit some officials, apparently gets killed in prison (apparently, mind you), and then goes on to seek his revenge upon everyone, guilty or not. Definitely not the best movie, it is still enjoyable, if you’ve like the movies I’ve blogged about so far. The fact that Bruce Campbell is in it automatically garners the film some “cool” points.

As I said, the film does start slowly, but none the less gathers speed, like a crescendo, near the end and sets the stage for two sequels, which I have not seen – yet. Should you watch it? Well, do you like cheezy movies? Do you like Bruce Campbell? If you answered yes to either (or both) of these questions, the yes you should watch it.

Check out the trailer below:

Book of Blood (2011) – Slow But Interesting

I watched the Clive Barker movie, Book of Blood last night. Based on the short story, Book of Blood from Clive Barker’s Book of Blood series of short stories. 

Clive Barker is one of my favourite Horror writers and this is an interesting movie. A paranormal researcher/writer/professor is investigating a case of a girl violently killed by unknown forces discovers a crossroads where the world the dead and the living intersects. She also discovers a possible medium that mey or may not be what he seems to be.

This is a creepy story that, although slow is interesting. I would have preferred it being a little faster paced so I am not 100% behind recommending it to anyone other than a true Clive Barker fan. I don’t think you’d go wrong watching it, just don’t expect anything exciting.

Here’s the trailer:

Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Edition (1999)

Oh, don’t watch this, please. This is so bad. An original writer and the original, first zombie from the original film add 15 plus minutes of shitty, unnecessary poorly acted scenes at the beginning of the film, a bit in the middle and a new ending..that sucked. The main parts of the film, the original 1968 footage has been cleaned up very well – but then they slap that shitty music on it.

If you want to watch Night of the Living Dead (and you should), don’t watch this version – it’s a travesty. There are many other versions of this film out there and you can watch the original masterpiece on line for free (link at bottom of post), as it is public domain due to a screw up when released.

So… Don’t bother with this.

Here is a link to the original Night of the Living Dead that you can watch on line:

Alien Apocalypse (2005) – Only Watch If You Like Bruce Campbell

Ok… This movie really sucks. I liked it because Bruce Campbell is in it, but that is about it. Made in 2005 simultaneously with The Man With the Screaming Brain (also 2005, and also with Bruce Campbell), and both were presented to the Sci-Fi Channel. Sci-Fi purchased one of the two (I don’t know for sure which one – I believe this one), and the other went right to DVD. This movie was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria and most of the secondary actors did not speak English, and dialogue dubbed over later. This feels so much like a made for TV production (which it is), that I felt cheaper for watching it…kinda’.

The premise is that Humans have been enslaved by an Ant-like alien race. A group of astronauts, in space for 40 or so years, return and attempt to destroy the alien’s grasp on humanity. The Aliens are here to take Earth’s trees – they like wood I guess), and humanity has been enslaved to work in Concentration camp Lumberyards.

Yeah… These aliens are wimps and easily enough foiled. That’s enough – This film doesn’t deserve any more of a description.

Watch it if you like…

Here’s the trailer:

Army of Darkness (1992) – Evil Dead Gets Medieval

Tonight we’re watching the third and final (so far, that is) episode in the Evil Dead trilogy. This one takes place in medieval times (see The Evil Dead 2 to see why this is so), and is another over the top Horror romp starring our buddy Bruce Campbell as Ash once again. Thrust into the middle of…ummm the Middle Ages, it’s once again up to him to save the world from the Darkness that we were introduced to in the first two movies.

Two things remain consistant in all three Evil Dead movie: Bruce Campbell and the humour. Despite being horror films, they manage to be quite fun. Little off hand remarks by minor characters go along way in these films… And Bruce Campbell ALWAYS rocks.

Lots going ioon in this film and the big battle against the army of the Dead iis like a giant Homage to Ray Harryhausen (the stop motion master behind the great Sinbad films and the original early 1980s Clash of the Titans). Nothing like an army of smart-ass Skeletons doing battle!

This movie has a lot going for it but please, watch the two precursors, The Evil Dead and the Evil Dead 2 first – It will be worth it!

Check out the trailer below:

Evil Dead 2 (1987) – Even Better Than The First One

Evil Dead 2 was the movie of the night last night. Released six years after the original Evil Dead, this is more of a re-imagining of Evil Dead than a sequel. Still starring Bruce Campbell as Ash and the same scary cabin as the first movie, Evil Dead is set as if the first movie did not happen.

This time it’s just Ash and his girlfriend that heads to the cabin, where they unwittingly awake demons by playing a recording or phrases from the Book of the Dead. All Hell breaks loose (yes, again an intentional pun – deal with it), and Ash is left bouncing between battling the Demonic forces and being part of those forces.

Soon joined by the daughter of the Cabin’s owners and a hillbilly and his girlfriend, the battle between humanity and the darkness just intensifies. Visually creepy, and full of campy horror goodness, I believe Evil Dead take what was started with the Evil Dead and raises it to a new level. While the whole movie is great, there are a few particularly great scenes, including a great eye-ball in the mouth scerne and a psychotic/psychedelic scene where Ash absolutely loses it in a room full of laughter – you’ll know both scenes when they happen.

In the six years between the original Evil Dead and this movie, Bruce Campbell seems top have honed his acting skills a little, and creator and director Sam Raimi seemed to have managed to drum up money for a larger budget.

Like the original Evil Dead, this too is a must watch for Horror fans.

Check out the trailer below:

The Evil Dead (1981) – The beginning of Some GREAT Movies

Last night we began the first of the three great films that make up the Evil Dead Trilogy. We watched the original 1981, Evil Dead – a movie that I have seen many times, and will match many more time most likely. 

This as a great, cheezy and ground breaking horror film that introduced the world to the acting Juggernaught that is Bruce Campbell. The gist of things? 5 friends travel to a cabin in the woods, accidentally raise some Demons and then the fun starts. Creepy looking, evil voiced demons take over most of the group and all Hell breaks loose (yeah, pun is intended).

This movie was (and is) very influential for horror movies that went forward, and while low budget, very watchable. If you are a horror fan, and haven’t seen this film, then you must.

Over the next few days I’ll be talking about the next two movies in the series, also.

Check out the original tailer from The Evil Dead below:

Freddy Vs. Jason (2003) – A Fun Romp

Freddy brings Jason back from ummm… Wherever Jason goes between movies, in order to start a killing spree on Elm Street to revive the memory of his own Killings, so as to plant himself in a fresh generation of youths – but Jason will do as Jason does: KILL KILL KILL!!!

A silly, but fun hack and slash-fest from start to finish, the film kept me going. I like this film quite a bit. Jason is really on 10 in this and he goes absolutely bat-shit crazy at a bush party – so awesome. 

Freddy himself is building strength through the first half of the film, but once he’s “powered up” he get’g killing in fine Freddy form.

Everything culminates in a giant Feddy Vs. Jason Battle that, aside from a really stupid pinball moment (you’ll know it when you see it), that absolutely ROCKED!

If you like these movies, then watch the damned thing!!!

Check out the trailer here:

Slither (2006) – This is a Good Watch

Watched the 2006 Horror/Sci-Fi (and kind of Zombie) flick, Slither the other day and absolutely loved it. Starring Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks, this is a wild ride of a film. An ancient alien life form falls to Earth meteorically, and takes up residence inside Michael Rooker’s character, eventually transforming him into a carnivorous fleshy tentacled monster that take over the town by hijacking the residents by using a grossly interesting method (watch the movie to find out how). There’s a lot going on in this movie and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Unusually (when you take in to account the movies I have talked about in this blog), this movie has a decent budget, cast and effects. I unreservedly suggest this movie as a must watch if you like sci-fi horror flicks, that is.

Check out the trailer below:

Deadheads (2011) – Zombie Movie with a Romantic Side – Funny

We watched thr 2011 Zombie flick, Deadheads – A movie about  two surprisingly high functioning Zombies, their lower functioning Zombie friend/pet/body gaurd, Cheese, a quest to tell one of the Zombies fiance (from 3 years prior) how he feels and several escapes from the grips of Zombie Hunters… Oh, and a military plot.

That’s what this movie is about… Yeah, that’s it.

It’s not a great movie, but it does deliver a good number of laughs. After watching Trippin’ this seems like a damned masterpiece. If you’re not too concerned about plot etc, but want a laugh and want to see a Zombie flick then check out Deadheads.

Check out the Trailer here:

Trippin’ (2011) – Don’t Bother

Watched the 2011 Stoner/comedy/horror attempt last night and really wish I didn’t. Three couples head out to a remote cabin and bad things happen. Like we’ve never seen that plot before. BORING BORING BORING. For most of the movie, nothing interesting happens, and then when something potentially interesting happens, they find a way to portray that in the most boring possible way. I mean… has the creator of this movie never watched another movie? I hope they NEVER get a chance to make another movie. Creating a turd like this is inexcusable – and this from a guy that LIKES bad movies. To the makers of this move I say go friggin’ screw yourself.

This is a horribly boring waste of time.

*EDIT: Here’s a link to the crappy trailer: