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Night of the Living Dead 30th Anniversary Edition (1999)

Oh, don’t watch this, please. This is so bad. An original writer and the original, first zombie from the original film add 15 plus minutes of shitty, unnecessary poorly acted scenes at the beginning of the film, a bit in the middle and a new ending..that sucked. The main parts of the film, the original 1968 footage has been cleaned up very well – but then they slap that shitty music on it.

If you want to watch Night of the Living Dead (and you should), don’t watch this version – it’s a travesty. There are many other versions of this film out there and you can watch the original masterpiece on line for free (link at bottom of post), as it is public domain due to a screw up when released.

So… Don’t bother with this.

Here is a link to the original Night of the Living Dead that you can watch on line:


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