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The Adventures Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) – I Should Have Watched This Years Ago

Wow… What a freakin’ trip this movie was! I am not even sure where to start with this movie.

A rip roaring spoof of Sci-Fi classics, this movie is fun from start to finish. Our protagonist, Buckaroo Bonzai is a modern (well, 1984 modern) Renaissance man. A world leading Brain Surgeon,  stunt driver, rock star, physicist ladies man that is awesome at everything he does. 

While testing a well… ford van capable of breaking the sound barrier, Buckaroo Banzai also tests and proves that matter can pass through matter by taking advantage of the spaces between atoms (I think), by driving right through a mountain. That experiment unwittingly opens a door to the eighth dimension allowing the alien race the Red Lectroids  escape from their interdimensional prison to threaten the Earth and the good Black Lectroids. On the brink of a space war, Buckaroo and his band of associates save the world. Along the way he meets and saves a woman (Elin Barkin as Peggy Priddy) first from herself and then from the Black Lectroids, led by Lord John Whorfin who has taken over the mind and body of Dr. Emilio Lizardo (played brilliantly by John Lithgow). 

This is a stylishly fun film that deserves way more recognition that it gets. It is chock full of big name actors putting on great, bizarre performances. Extremely 80s in look and feel, this is a great campy film Fans of the film are rabid, and you can find many fan sites all over the web, I say this film is a must watch for the lovers of the bizarre and fun.

Check out the trailer below:


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