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The Loved Ones (2009) Should Not Be on a Site About Bad Movies

Just finished watching the 2009 award winning Australian Tortur-Horror film The Loved Ones, and must say that I am impressed. I do not like torture horror style film, generally – I  have no interest in watching someone tied to a chair or locked in a closet and tormented… but I liked this film. The only reason I actually watched it was due to the fact that a friend of mine who I know knows movies suggested it. I am glad he did.

The basic story is this: emotionally troubled high school dude gets asked to the dance by a girl. Dude says sorry, but I’m going with my girl friend. Spurned girl’s dad kidnaps said dude and then spurned girl and kidnapping dad torture dude in a weird, twisted version of a prom date from hell. Add a whole bunch more stuff and you have this movie. There is a sub story about the dude’s friend and a rock chick that really had absolutely no place in the film, but the rest was good enough to forget about that.

What set this apart from a lot of films is the fact that I found the characters believable, and the situations disturbing and riveting. The acting, in my opinion is top notch, and there were several times during the film where my heart was racing with anticipation of what the hell was going to happen next. I really ended up hating the antagonists, in a way that got me totally involved in what was happening – not bad for a film that I didn’t really want to watch in the first place. My one main issue is this: Do Australian youths never wash their hair? These people were so freakin’ greasy. Come on: shampoo is not that expensive… really.

I say watch this film as it is worth your time.

Check out the trailer here:


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