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Carnosaur (1993) – I Like Nasty Dinosaurs – Unfortunately These Ones are Just Pathetic

This 1993 film about Dinosaurs being unleashed upon us is a sorry waste of time. Obviously made to cash in on the excitement created by the release of Jurassic Park, this movie suffers from a budget that is much smaller than the movies ambitions.

A virus created by a genetic scientist hired to create a better chicken has gotten loose and infecting the population, causing women to spontaneously give birth to dT-Rex like dinosaurs, and then promptly die. Of course there’s scenes of poorly animated dinosaurs killing characters that you just don’t care about. There’s a love story, abd the conspiracy element of the food company trying to cover up it’s tracks.

Who cares? This movie sucks. Watch Jurassic Park, or if you want something campy check out One Million Years B.C. instead of this.

Here’s the trailer:


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