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Reader Suggestion: UHF (1989) – If This Doesn’t Make You Laugh, Then You Suck!

Thanks to Brian for this movie suggestion:

Weird Al Yankovic’s 1989 comedy classic is a movie that every fan of funny must watch.

Stanley, a loser that can’t seem to keep a job is given the position of station manager of a local UHF television that his uncle won in a poker match. The station, with almost no watchers, quickly rises to number One as Stanley pioneers new programming – especially the new show, Stanley Spadowski’s Club House (Stanley being played masterfully by Michael Richards), a wacky wild ride of a kids show.

Their rise to the top gains the notice of the evil owner of Channel 8 (the big network channel), R.J. Fletcher (Kevin McCarthy), who makes it his personal mission to take down the upsart station. Taking advantage of Stanley’s Uncles penchant for gambling, offers to buy the station for $75,000 – exactly the amount his uncle owes to his bookie.

When Stanley hears this, he asks his uncle for a chance to raise the money himeself- leaving him two days to come up with the $75,00. They decide to hols a telethon, selling 7500 shares at $10 a piece. Getting wind of this, R.J. Fletcher moves to have Stanley kidnapped, the stations biggest star an only real hope to raise the money. The rest is a zany wild ride to against the clock, RJ and adversity.

This movie is so funny. It parodies so many classic (and not so classic) films. Silly silly silly – Hey, it’s by Weird Al – what the hell do you expect?

Find the whole movie below the trailer link (might not stay up for long).

Watch this movie: it is awesome!

Here is the trailer:

And Here is the whole movie (for as long as the link lasts):


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