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Down Periscope (1996) – Funnier than I Expected

On the urging of a friend of mine, I finally watched the 1996 Kelsey Grammer film, Down Periscope. While I did not find it as funny as my friend did, I did find it funnier than I expected.

The gist of the story is that Kelsey Grammer’s character Lieutenant Commander Thomas Dodge is being considered (and most likely denied) command of his own ship. Due to his unorthodox methods (and the fact that a sub he was commanding bumped into a soviet sub he was trailing. Dodge is given command of a 1950’s era diesel sub and a rag tag crew of losers and set with seemingly impossible orders to compete in naval war games. Rear Admiral Yancy Graham (Bruce Dern), has a vendetta against Dodge, and does all he can to make sure Dodge fails.

There is quite a bit of comedy talent in this film including Rob Schneider, Harland Williams and Rip Torn and Kelsey Grammer himself. The movie is far from great, yet far from terrible. It’s worth a watch for the occasional laugh.

Here’s the Trailer:


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