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My Name is Nobody (1973) – So Fun, It Almost Hurts

1973’s Sergio Leone comedic Spaghetti Western, My Name is Nobody is an amazing wild west romp. This might be one of my top 5 (or so) Westerns. It’s just that entertaining.

This is a low budget (like all Spaghetti Westerns) movie that tells the story of a young, laid back gun slinger that goes by the name Nobody (played by Terrence Hill) that idolizes a wizened, older gunslinger by the name of Jack Beauregard (played by the late and great Henry Fonda) who only wants to retire peacefully in Europe. Unfortunately Beuregard’s enemies have other plans for him.

Nobody has a romantic vision of Beauregard’s last hurrah as him versus the Wild Bunch: 150 wild, outlaws riding together. Beauregard, of course, isn’t so enthusiastic about this vision. Nobody spend most of the movie shadowing Beauregard, helping him here and there, eventually gaining his trust (kinda) and friendship (also kinda’).

This is a roller coaster ride of gunslinging and laughs. Filmed in various locations, with lots of over dubbed voices… it just oozes charm. Look, don’t take my freakin’ word for it watch it for your self. The movie has lapsed into the public domain, and the copies you may find will most likely be low quality, but don’t let that scare you – it will transcend it’s visual quality with it’s artistic quality. You’ll find a link to the whole movie below the clip.

Here is the trailer:


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