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Blubberella (2012)- I Have Watched the Only Watchable Uwe Boll Movie

Uwe Boll is probably my least favourite movie maker, and yet I’ve just watched a watchable  movie by him.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a good movie, but it is a funny movie. A scene for scene spoof of BloodRayne…ummm 3 according to Wikipedia. Made with the same cast and location and crew, I’m guessing Boll probably filmed them at that exact same time.

An obese dhampir (half human and half vampire), joins the resistance and takes on Hitler and his minions. Completely tasteless, and inappropriate, it managed to make me laugh in a few places. 

Want to watch it? Then you should – it can be found in the cheap DVD bin of many department stores. Would I recommend it? No, because I refuse to recommend anything Uwe Boll makes until the World realizes that he needs to be stopped. That said, I was not bored and I laughed – more than I can say about many of the movies on this blog.

Here’s the trailer:


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