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Ghosts of Mars (2001) – If You Liked This, You Need to See a Specialist

Once again I have been bored by a movie that had no right to be boring.

Here`s what the movie is about: and excavation on Mars releases a virus (or something like that) that infects people, who them, in effect, become ancient Martians – war like ancient Martians.

Look, all the director would have had to do was add some more fight scenes, explosions (maybe some nudity…maybe), and I would have been fine.

Hell, I like John Carpenter movies…but I don`t like this.

Instead, I got more boring shit. Hell, even adding Icecube to the cast didn`t help.

Don`t watch this shitty movie.

Here`s the shitty trailer for this shitty movie… It`s a shitty trailer:


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