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Cherry Bomb (2011) – An Homage to 80s Violent Revenge Movies

Well this movie came out of no where – a Netflix suggestion for a friend of mine, it’s a movie that neither of us had heard of before. Well, I’m kind of glad we watched it.

The gist of the story is a stripper in 1984 Texas, Cherry, gets raped and beaten in the “Champagne” room at the club she works at. The perpetraors get away with it through collusion and intimidation. Without legal justice, Cherry, and reluctantly her brother, take matters into their own hands and exact mortal payment for their trangressions.

Yes, this is a tale of revenge. The acting isn’t great and the story is simple, yet I enjoyed this pseudo throw back to the 80s. Plus: it’s always fun watching assholes get what’s coming to them. Also, they are being stocked by a tough, ugly and huge hitman.

If you’re looking for a good movie, well this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a good enough movie that doesn’t make you think too much, then this just might fit the bill. I We found it on Netflix – Check it out if you get a chance.

Here is the trailer:

God Bless America (2011) – Spree Killers That I Sympathize With

2011’s God Bless America is a masterful tale of a man that is just fed up with the dumbing down of America and does something about it.

I watched this movie on the suggestion of two of my friends (Thanks Clint and Sonny). They suggested a fantastic movie. 

This is a Bobcat Goldthwait movie (both written and directed), that really hit me where I live. It’s a statement about how Western society (specifically the U.S. of A.) has degenereated to watching useless, despicable humans on TV as reality stars, and how common decency has fell to the side of the road and has been replaced with jadedness and laughing at the unfortunate and celebrating the worst parts of humanity. 

Frank, a recently unemployed man who hates what America is turning into decides to take on that which he hates – killing reality stars and other losers that get in the way. Along the trip he manages reluctantly (at first) to pick up a teenaged girl sidekicj who is also sick of what her world is turning into. The two leave a trail of (deserved) destruction in the wake as they work towards a mighty goal (see the movie to figure out what that is). They also discover what makes each other tick along the way.

This movie made me root for a couple of killers – and that is a pretty amazing feat. If you are looking for a smart, enjoyable film, and you too hate the dumbing down of society, then I suggest you watch this movie – NOW!

Check out the trailer below:

Drop Dead Fred (1991) – Over-active Imagination or a Psychotic… I’m Really Not Sure

Okay… this 1991 movie about a mousy young woman,Elizabeth “Lizzie: Cronin (played by Phoebe Cates) who is having relationship toubles (her husband cheats on her and has moved in with his mistress). Her overbearing mother, Polly Cronin (played by Marsha Mason) rushes her back home and completely takes over her life.

Once back home, Lizzie releases her long forgotten imaginary friend from Childhood, Dropdead Fred (who had been trapped inside a Jack in the Box (the toy, not the burger place). Dropdead has been locked away since Lizzie was five years old, and therefore acts like a five year old would. Dropdead needs to make Lizzie happy in order for him to be released, but he really doesn’t know how. 

Dropdead turns out to be a real jerk, as any five year old with powers would be. 

This is a fun and weird movie, and in many ways left me wondering… for example: is Lizzie a schizophrenic? She definitely shows a lot of the outward signs of being one.

Haven’t watched it? Then I say you should. Check out the trailer below:

Creepshow (1982) – Comic Book Horror From the 1980s!

1982’s Creepshow is a homage to the old 1950s  E.C. comics of the same name. For years E.C. comics brought horror to the imaginations of the youth through their Creepshow comic. This movie brings that comic creepy-fun to the big screen.

George A. Romero and Stephen King bring five tales of terror to the screen with many big (at least for 1982) stars. This movies is a wild, fun ride through the horror genre with a little bit for everyone. See a jealous husband (played by Leslie Nielsen) get revenge on his wife and her lover… just to see the tables reversed soon after. Or maybe you’s rather see a hen packed husband (played by Hal Holbrook), help a friends with a sticky situation while taking care of his alcoholic, abusive wife (played by Adrienne Barbeau). Or maybe a hillbilly (played by Stephen King) that turns to a weird plant/animal after messing with a meteor that that falls in his back yard. Like I said, there’s enough for everyone here.

For younger fans of horror, I am sure this is going to come across as pretty cheezy- hey, get over it! This movie is about classic comic book horror, and if you can’t get your head around that then it just wouldn’t be for you any way. Thay said, this is a fun ride that I think you should take!

Here is the trailer:

A Great Video Post on the Greatest Horror Movies of All Time

So, I saw this post/opinion piece from the always great site, on the greatest horror films from multiple horror genres (or sub-genres I guess). Check out the original post here:

or watch the youtube post here – either way, make sure you go to their site now and return often – good stuff over there!

Parents (1989) – Ghoulishly Good Flick

Parents is a 1989 film, set in 1950’s suburbia is the story of a boy, Michael who discovers that his meat loving parents are cannibals.

This is a fun, funny stylish flick that I am surprised that I had never even heard of until earlier this week. Starring Randy Quaid as Nick Laemle and Mary Beth Hurt as Lily Laemle, Michaels parents, they play convincing mid-20th century parents… with a taste for Human flesh.

Michael, already an odd little boy,being raised by odd parents, suspects that something just isn’t right with his folks. Poking around, he finds hints but no answers to their weirdness – that is, at first. Eventually he discovers their secret, and that of course, put him in jeopardy.

This film is stylish with great visuals and a great cast. The story, while macabre, is engaging and fun. I have absolutely no issues recommending this silly film.

Check out the trailer here:

The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008) – Kimchi Western With a Side of Awesome

Do you like Spaghetti Westerns? Do you like the weird twist and feel that many newer Asian Directors have? If yes, then you’ll love this film.

Obviously a take on the Good, The Bad and the Ugly, this twistedly awesome Korean take on the Spaghetti Western keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats for the 2 hour plus action packed adventure.

The tail of three men and three factions all fighting for or against the freedom of Korea from the ruling Japanese. Great vistas with great cinematography combined with good, quirky acting leaves you with an epic film that kept me engaged from start to finish. Some of the scenes are taken almost directly from the original, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. There were a couple of scenes that almost blew my eyes out of my head, they were just that stunning. I’ve read that it was one of the highest budget movies made in South Korea and I can see why. I highly recommend this film if you are okay with subtitles – don’t bother with overdubs – they always suck.

Watch this move – hell watch it twice!

Here is the trailer:

Explorers (1985) It Can Still Make Me Smile After 27 Years

I absolutely loved this film when I was a kid. I am ld enough to say I saw it in the theatres without my parents. 

For years I have occasionally thought of this movie, fondly of corse. When I saw that it was available here on Netflix I was hesitant – I didn’t want this to be one of those situations where I watch a movie that I loved as a kid and then end up walking away hating it for being a piece of garbage, ruining a great memory, After watching this I am very happy to say that isn’t the case with this film: it’s still a fun movie.

It’s the story of three good friends that build a space ship based on some schematics that one of them, Ben Crandall (played by Ethan Hawke) dreams up his brainy friend Wolfgang Muller (played by the late River Phoenix) builds into a circuit board and contrlloed by his might Aplle IIC, combines it with part of an old Tilt-a-Whirl. Along the way they pick up a new friend, tough guy with a big heart Steve Jackson (played by Jason Presson) and it’s off they go. After a few bumps during test flights (including just about getting caught by a chopper pilot), they make the big flight and fingd themselves brought aboard a larger spaceship where they finally get to meet the aliens that set the whole thing up… with a twist.

This is a fun movie and admittidedly is a kid (teen) movie – that said, it’s a fun adventure that has aged well.

Here is the trailer:

Bad Girls From Mars (1991) – Bad on Purpose, but Not Funny and That’s NOT on Purpose

I know this was going to be a bad movie… Really, it`s what I expected. I just hoped that it would be funny. It wasn’t – it was fucking boring.

This movie has almost all the makings of a Troma Film except for the part about being entertaining.

The gist of the movie? A low budget Sci-Fi film is being made and people on the set are dying. I died a little inside watching this shit.

That’s all…

Here’s a shitty trailer for this shitty movie:

The Big Hit (1998) – Marky Mark as a Likeable Hitman

So my friend suggested we watch this early (1998) Mark Wahlberg film, The Big Hit because it was available for free on Youtube, and he thought I would like it.  Well he was right – this was a fun movie.

Wahlberg’s character, Melvin Smiley is an acrobatic hitman, a member of a crew working for Crunch (played by Bokeem Woodbine), with a group of fellow hoods, most notably a loser/liar by the name of Cisco (played by Lou Diamond Phillips). Melvin is having a cash crunch because of his Girlfriend on the side is pushing him to bring in more and more cash. Melvin, who has a sociopathic need to be liked (yeah, despite being a hitman), doesn’t want to disappoint her – add to the mix his fiancée (played by the always attractive Christina Applegate) letting him know at the last moment that her parents are staying over, and she hasn’t told them that they are engaged… or that he isn’t Jewish)…well, it doesn’t help. Wait until you hear Chistina’s father’s drunken rant (played by the excellent Elliott Gould)

To pick up some extra cash, Melvin agrees to help Cisco with a side job. They kidnap a Japanese industrialist’s daughter in the hope to get a $1,000,000 ransom. Things don’t go as well as expected and the situation gets extended. The executive’s daughter ends up being stashed at Melvin’s place. Melvin ends up juggling the possible future in laws while keeping a bound, kidnap victim in the same house without being discovered.

There’s a ton of action in this movie, and quite a few laughs. The characters are over the top, but well acted. As silly and dumb as this movie is, it’s a riot. The fact that it’s available for free on Youtube (thanks Crackle), makes it a no brainer – Go ahead an watch it folks, as it is fun.

Here is the trailer:

And here is the link to the entire movie:

Chopper (2000) – A Brutal (but Good), Australian Film About a Brutal Australian Criminal

Wow… This guy, Mark “Chopper” Read was/is a butal bastard, and this film, about him is also brutal.

Based on a book he wrote of his own life, the tale of this paranoid, brutal criminal and the wake of destruction he lived and left. From the start of the film, which has Chopper in prison, soon to stab the hell out of a rival, and then soon to be stabbed multiple times hime=self by someone he believed to be his friend, this is a bloody, violent ride. It’s hard to determine what parts were  part of his imagination and what parts happened, this adds to the story in whole. 

I’m going to cop out and paste the Wikipedia Plot synopsis (yes, there will be a spoler – be warned):

In and out of jail since he was 16, Melbourne standover man Mark Brandon “Chopper” Read (Eric Bana) is serving a 16-year sentence for kidnapping a supreme court judge to get his childhood friend, Jimmy Loughnan (Simon Lyndon), out of the notorious H Division of maximum security Pentridge Prison. To become leader of the division, he ignites a power struggle which gains him more enemies than admirers. Eventually, even his gang turn their backs on him and Loughnan stabs him several times in a failed assassination attempt. Chopper voluntarily has his ears cut off by a fellow inmate in order to be transferred out of the H Division; this also gains him recognition in and out of the prison.

Bana as Australian criminal Chopper Read in his breakthrough film role in Chopper (2000)

He is released in 1986, revisiting enemies and friends whom he cannot differentiate anymore. He reunites with his former girlfriend Tanya (Kate Beahan), but suspects that she is involved with one of his old victims, Neville Bartos (Vince Colosimo). He tracks Bartos down, shoots him and takes him to the hospital, unabashedly claiming that he has a “green light” courtesy of the Police “to exterminate scum”. When Chopper learns that he is now the target of a death-contract, he goes after his old friend Jimmy, only to find him worn out and poverty stricken by drugs with two children and a junkie fiancée.

He kills a criminal known as Siam “Sammy the Turk” Ozerkam at a bar, but gets away with it by claiming it was self-defence. He eventually ends up back in prison where he writes a book about his experiences in the Melbourne underworld. The book becomes a best-seller and Chopper becomes a criminal legend.

The film ends with Chopper in his prison cell in 1992, watching himself being interviewed on television. He is proud of the interview among those watching with him, but when they leave he goes quiet and the film ends with him sitting in his cell alone.

This is a verty watchable film, though brutal – here is the trailer:

Capricorn One (1977) – Compelling (if Flawed) Sci-Fi Conspiracy Flick Worth Watching

I first saw Capricorn One as a kid in the theatre with my then best buddy, Craig, more or less on a whim. As kids of 8 (or so) years old we often based our movie choices based on the Movie poster – this was no different, except we liked this one. I liked it even more, watching it 35 years later.

Capricorn One tells the story of a faked, manned Mars landing. Based on the faked lunar landing conspiracies (which I do not believe -I am convinced Man DID  walk on the moon), but applied to a fictional Mars landing, writer/director Peter Hyams created a (semi) believable tale of conspiracy and cover ups that keeps the audience watching and waiting.

The story goes something like this: Just minutes before the launch, the crew of Capricorn One, the first scheduled manned mission for Mars, the three man crew is pulled from the capsule and secreted away to an abandoned military base, while the rocket is allowed to lift off without crew. Once at the military base the astronaughts (played by James Brolin, Sam Waterston and O.J. Simpson) are briefed about a problem with the life support system that would have left them dead within two weeks of launch, and that they would be required to act out parts of the mission here on Earth. It’s argued that this is the only way to save the space program and American pride. When they don’t immediately agree to the plan, their families are threatened, which convinces the crew to go along. Over the period of the “mission” a member of the ground crew notices that television feed from the crew seems to be coming from a much closer source that Mars. After bringing this fact to his superiors attention multiple times (and given a bogus excuse about issues with the terminal that he works on), he is finally “disappeared” by the powers that be… Which gets the attention of his reporter friend, played by Elliot Gould, who stumbles upon the whole conspiracy.

Meanwhile, upon re-entry it is announced that the heat shield on the capsule had separated and the crew had died (despite never being ion the ship). The astronauts quickly figure out that this means that they’re going to be killed to keep the conspiracy buried. Quckly, they decide to try to escape and soon take off on a Learjet parked nearby. Unfortunately, the plane is low on fuel and they are frced to land in the desert where they head in opposite directions in an attempt to get to a major population centre thereby blowing the roof off the whole scam.

If I tell you more, I’ll give away too much. Let me just say that this is a great, fun adventure, and that while I don’t believe the whole “they faked the moon landing” thing, but that this made for an entertaining film and I definitely suggest this one a s a go ahead and watch movie.

Here’s the trailer:

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Remake/Sequel?! Bring it On Baby!!!

Holy crap… I don’t know Why I didn’t read about this earlier, but apparently things are moving forward with a remake or sequel to the 80’s cult classic movie, Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

The original was a wild romp that had me laughing at it’s ridiculousness from beginning to end – a definite must watch for anyone that reads this blog [insert cricket sound here].

Check out the article that broke the news for me here:

Have a great day folks!

OSS 117: Cairo, Den of Spies – Funny, Despite Being French

I gotta tell you, I generally do not like French films. No sir, I generally do not find them entertaining. That said, OSS 117 Cairo, Den of Spies is so funny that it transcends any cultural differences.

This movie is a spoof of 1960’s spy movies and is based on a series of books by Frech author Jean Bruce. The main character,  Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, is a chauvinistic, culturally insensitive French Spy (though in the original books, he is an American Colonel), portrayed by Jean Dujardin who does a masterful job delivering the laughs.

Taking place shortly after the deposing of Egypt`s Kink Farouk by the government of Nassar, La Bath is sent to find out what has happened to fellow agent (and apparently very good friend), Jack Jefferson and a Soviet cargo ship full of arms, the Karpov. La Bath has two love interests in the film, one being  assistant of Jack Jefferson, Larmina El Akmar Betouche and daughter of deposed King Farouk,  princess Al Tarouk who has difficulty resisting La Bath’s advances.

La Bath proves to be an obtuse, silly, chauvinistic and completely culturally insensitive jerk, who on multiple occasions belittles the Islamic faith (mainly because he just does not understand it), and minimizes the role of woman continuously. His ignorance leads to ridiculous consequences (almost fuelling a revolution by his stifling a Muezzin, the person who calls (sings) the call to prayer, because he disturbed his sleep.

This movie is a hilarious romp and I strongly suggest you watch it. Just a heads up – don’t watch it if you don’t like subtitles.

Here is the trailer:

Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) – Twisted Fantasy From a Great of Science Fiction

Wow… It has been a long time since I saw this movie and even longer since I read the book/story from the late, great Science Fiction master, Ray Bradbury. I should not have waited this long (29 years) to see it again. – it’s a great piece of fantasy.

Quiet, peaceful Greentown, Illinois is visited by the arrival of a very unusual Autumn carnival, run by the Mysterious Mr. Dark that shows up in town at midnight.

Two boys, best of friends Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade investigate the carnival and after poking around for a while discover the Carnival’s evil secret by promising to fulfil a persons greatest want/wish, they capture their soul (and body) by use of evil, black magic. Mr. Dark realizes that the two boys  have discovered the Dark secret and proceeds to hunt them down, while continuing to capture the souls of the town’s people. The boys seek help and refuge from Will’s father, the aging and ill (heart problems),Charles Halloway (played by  the late, great Jason Robards). Charles has them hide away in the Library while he confronts Mr. Dark. After some heated words, Mr Dark, with the help of an evil witch-woman brings Charles to edge of death, and captures the two boys. Charles must recover and save them.

This is an interesting tale. It’s not exactly like the book (something that slightly disappointed me back in 1983), but kept interesting though good acting and a great plot/script. There are a few special effects that haven’t held up too well over the years (but aren’t terrible), but over all the movie has aged well. I actually appreciate it more for watching it now, as an adult.

This is a movie that I highly recommend you watch.

Here is a trailer:

Gremlins (1984) – I Forgot How Much I liked This Film

I had not seen Gremlins since it was in the theatre back in 1984. I remember loving this film at the time, and I also remember being surprised, thinking that this was going to be a funny, silly Christmas movie and being surprised by the darkness in this film.

In a nutshell, a loving inventor-family man (played by Country Music Legend Hoyt Axton) finds himself in a run down curio shop in China Town, in the hopes of finding a unique Christmas gift for his son. After some cajoling, he leaves with a cute, little creature called Mogwai (later named Gizmo),with three, simple but important rules: No Water, No food after midnight, and no bright light (Sunlight would actually kill the creature).

Of course, all rules are broken shortly after the arrival of Gizmo. An accidental water spill on Gizmo’s back (by a young Corey Feldman), creates a bunch more Mogwais – the new ones being more troublesome and led by the more belligerent one named Stripe after his mohawk like hair. Soon the jerk Strip tricks the son into feeding him and his brood after midnight (by chewing through the clock cord and making it look like it wasn’t after midnight yet). This causes Stripe and his crew to transform from the cute Mogwais into evil, ugly Gremlins that proceed to destroy the whole freakin’ town in short order – right during the whole Christmas season. It’s unusual to see death and destruction in a Christmas movie. Now, death and destruction in a Christmas movie that ends up being funny? That is an art form.

I gotta say, this movie hold up very well. Speaking to a lot of people that saw this movie years ago, I find that many have forgotten that this is actually a horror movie. Most people just remember the cute little Mogwai and think it’s a fun little Christmas movie. I think they’d be surprised watching it again.

Watch this movie – watch it again if it’s been a long time since you’ve seen it. It’s good… real good.

Here is the Trailer:

Blades of Glory (2007) – Silly, Stupid…and Yet I liked It

Okay… Will Ferrell is great at making shitty movies (oh come on: you know it’s true – you’re just in freakin’ denial). Throw in John Heder (a.k.a. Napoleon Dynamite), a script about disgraced figure skaters and you should have a terrible movie. Only thing is… I liked it.

This is a silly movie about two male figure skaters who, due to their rivalry get themselves disqualified for life from Men’s singles competition after they start fighting during a medals ceremony in which they both tied for gold.

Shortly after disqualification, they find out that they can still compete, but as a doubles team, and with the help of their coach (played by T.V’s “Coach”, Craig T. Nelson), develop into a team to be reconned with. 

Of course, they fight, and get into silly cartoon like situations, but in the end I found the movie funny and mildly compelling. Sure, had I seen it in the theatre I would most likely feel ripped off right now, but that’s not the case as I had bought it in the cheap DVD bin. Worth the $5 and the time – I say go for it.

Here is a trailer: