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Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) – Twisted Fantasy From a Great of Science Fiction

Wow… It has been a long time since I saw this movie and even longer since I read the book/story from the late, great Science Fiction master, Ray Bradbury. I should not have waited this long (29 years) to see it again. – it’s a great piece of fantasy.

Quiet, peaceful Greentown, Illinois is visited by the arrival of a very unusual Autumn carnival, run by the Mysterious Mr. Dark that shows up in town at midnight.

Two boys, best of friends Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade investigate the carnival and after poking around for a while discover the Carnival’s evil secret by promising to fulfil a persons greatest want/wish, they capture their soul (and body) by use of evil, black magic. Mr. Dark realizes that the two boys  have discovered the Dark secret and proceeds to hunt them down, while continuing to capture the souls of the town’s people. The boys seek help and refuge from Will’s father, the aging and ill (heart problems),Charles Halloway (played by  the late, great Jason Robards). Charles has them hide away in the Library while he confronts Mr. Dark. After some heated words, Mr Dark, with the help of an evil witch-woman brings Charles to edge of death, and captures the two boys. Charles must recover and save them.

This is an interesting tale. It’s not exactly like the book (something that slightly disappointed me back in 1983), but kept interesting though good acting and a great plot/script. There are a few special effects that haven’t held up too well over the years (but aren’t terrible), but over all the movie has aged well. I actually appreciate it more for watching it now, as an adult.

This is a movie that I highly recommend you watch.

Here is a trailer:


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