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The Big Hit (1998) – Marky Mark as a Likeable Hitman

So my friend suggested we watch this early (1998) Mark Wahlberg film, The Big Hit because it was available for free on Youtube, and he thought I would like it.  Well he was right – this was a fun movie.

Wahlberg’s character, Melvin Smiley is an acrobatic hitman, a member of a crew working for Crunch (played by Bokeem Woodbine), with a group of fellow hoods, most notably a loser/liar by the name of Cisco (played by Lou Diamond Phillips). Melvin is having a cash crunch because of his Girlfriend on the side is pushing him to bring in more and more cash. Melvin, who has a sociopathic need to be liked (yeah, despite being a hitman), doesn’t want to disappoint her – add to the mix his fiancée (played by the always attractive Christina Applegate) letting him know at the last moment that her parents are staying over, and she hasn’t told them that they are engaged… or that he isn’t Jewish)…well, it doesn’t help. Wait until you hear Chistina’s father’s drunken rant (played by the excellent Elliott Gould)

To pick up some extra cash, Melvin agrees to help Cisco with a side job. They kidnap a Japanese industrialist’s daughter in the hope to get a $1,000,000 ransom. Things don’t go as well as expected and the situation gets extended. The executive’s daughter ends up being stashed at Melvin’s place. Melvin ends up juggling the possible future in laws while keeping a bound, kidnap victim in the same house without being discovered.

There’s a ton of action in this movie, and quite a few laughs. The characters are over the top, but well acted. As silly and dumb as this movie is, it’s a riot. The fact that it’s available for free on Youtube (thanks Crackle), makes it a no brainer – Go ahead an watch it folks, as it is fun.

Here is the trailer:

And here is the link to the entire movie:


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