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Brain Dead (1990) – A Trippy Film Where Nothing is What It Seems

Wow… This film is a freakin’ trip. I saw this film back in 1992 or 1993 on VHS – I was impressed then and I am now.

Starring Bill Pullman as neurosurgeon Dr. Rex Martin who, after a head injury finds himself wondering what is real and what is not and whether or not he is actually who he thinks he is.

This is a crazy, rollercoaster ride that makes the watcher also wonder what’s really happening to the character and what isn’t. Dr. Martin goes from paranoid to confused. One scene jumps to another leaving him and you, the audience reeling. Is he being persecuted by the giant evil company he works for? Does he even work for a big evil company? Who’s on his side? What side is his side?

Watch this trippy movie yourself to figure it out…but you won’t (figure it out, that is).

Here is the trailer:


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