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Creepozoids (1987) – Late 1980’s Post Apocalypse Silliness – With Boobs :)

Watched this weird one last night. We’ve been watching a number of film that start 1980’s scream queen Linnea Quiggley after seeing here at the second annual Callgary Horror Convention on September 22, 2012. If you don’t know who she is, watch Return of the Living Dead – she’s the pink haired punk rocker that seems to have issues keeping her clothes on.

This movie is a short one, coming in at just one hour and eight minutes. That’s good, as there really isn’t very much meat to this one. A group of survivors and deserters that are trying to keep away from the mutants and the killing acid rain. They manage to find shelter in an abandoned government compound/lab.  A fortified structure that they can use to keep danger out – only one problem: the danger is already inside with them.

There’s not a lot here, but it’s fun, nonetheless. And if you are a fan of the 1980s horror genre, then go ahead and check this one out if you can find it. It’s not the worst, and 68 minutes,it doesn’t take a lot of time from your life.

Here’s the trailer for this silly film:


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