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The Darkest Hour (2011) – What a Waste of a Potentially Good Idea

When I first saw the trailers for The Darkest Hour, I thought that it looked like it could be a good movie – it definitely looked interesting. Unfortunately I should have stuck with the trailer.

 Taking place in Moscow, a strange looking borealis (Northern Lights) precedes a dropping of flowery looking lit up objects. Once one makes contact with flesh, it disintegrates the living being.

The story starts with two American ‘Net entrepreneurs who have headed to Moscow to find their idea stolen. Later, while drowning their sorrows in a Moscow Night Club, where they are when this attack happens. They. along with two womaen and the asshole that stole their idea manage to survive this onslaught in a now almost empty Moscow. Along the way they meet up with a weird  scientist guy and a cute Russian girl, a group of Russians that have found ways to survive.

This movie had so much potential, and like many movies, was no more than smoke and mirrors. I just at no time cared for any of the characters, and there wasn`t much of a point (other than survival) to anything.

Once again, my time has been wasted.

Don’t watch this crap.


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