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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer (2012) – To All Those Who Told Me This Sucked You Can No Longer Suggest Movies to Me Anymore

Okay, I have to stop listening to people’s opinions when it comes to movies. When I first saw the trailers for 2012’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, I thought that it looked like it was going to be a good, silly action film. Then I made the mistake of listening to people who’ve said that it sucked, sucked badly. Well, I just watched the film and I am pissed at all those people. This movie was awesome.

Truly a silly concept: Vampires are making a (secret) claim for the U.S, using the cover of the Southern Unites Sates policies to hide their existence and plans. Abraham Lincoln, as a boy, had discovered their existence when he witnessed one of the creatures of the night take his Mother’s life, and growing up, planned and plotted revenge.

As a young man, Mr. Lincoln is recruited by a Vampire hunter and taught the methods he would need to battle Vampires, and agrees to attack and kill them only when receiving instructions to do so, all the time waiting for the instructions to kill the Vampire that killed his mother. Growing impatience with the wait causes friction between the young Mr. Lincoln and his mentor.

Time advances and Mr. Lincoln becomes President and overseas what appears to be a losing war against the South and it’s Undead allies. The Vampires’ extend their  grasp and influence over the and start taking a more direct part in the war with entire platoons of Vampires, leading Lincoln to devise an interesting method of combating the hoards of Undead.

This movie is stylish: it looks fantastic, the acting is passable (not amazing, but good enough), and the story, while silly, is interesting and compelling. If you can suspend your sense of disbelief  then is is a great, fun film to watch. I definitely recommend it.

Check out the Trailer here:


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