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Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) – Hipsters, Don’t Make Any More Movies Because You Suck At It

Did you ever see the clip from Craigslist that is an invite from someone claiming to have perfected time travel and is looking for someone to come along for the ride (but they have to bring their own weapons and would be paid upon return)? Well someone made a shitty movie about it.

2012’s Safety Not Guaranteed is about some people from a magazine that decide to investigate this add. And along the way investigate themselves, their feelings and relationships.

This is shit – no time travel and no entertainment. This is a Hipster experiment gone wrong.

Hipsters: give your grandparents their clothes back, get a freakin’ hair cut, take some fucking prozak and stop making movies – you’re no good at it.

Don’t watch this shitty movie.


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