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Bigfoot (2012) – Wow – Now THIS is a Crappy Movie

image2012’s Bigfoot is a crapfest of bad CGI and two 1970’s family show hasbeens. Thank you for this Sci-Fi Channel.

Hmmm… Danny Bonaduce  as a crappy radio host in a crappy town decides to put on a crappy 80’s music fest and in the process disturbs a remarkably huge, poorly rendered Bigfoot who proceeds to kill everyone it runs into. Oh… wait: Throw in Barry Williams (oldest son Greg from the Brady Bunch), as a granola eating hippy like musician.

Alice Cooper gets kicked like a football by Bigfoot), the actors seem like alcoholics (especially Sherilyn Fenn – really what the hell is wrong with her) and  Howard Hesseman is the mayor.

This shit sucks.

That is all.


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