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Saint Nick (2010) – If He’s So Scary Then Why am I So Bored?

2010’s Dutch film, Saint Nick, tells an alternative story of a Saint Nicholas that inspired fear into the people of a small dutch town, entering the town in December 5, each year and the years with Full moons on this day, demanded gifts of wealth, riches, virgins and more. He used his evil, demon like minions, Black Petes to ensure he got what he wanted too. Eventually the town rose up, and destroyed Saint Nick and his evel band when they blew up his massive sailing ship and burned him alive. Ok, so they destroyed him and are safe now, right? Wrong: now they are cursed, and every 24 to 34 years, when there is a full moon on December the 5th (the anniversary of the town destroying Nick, his ship and minions), Saint Nick and his Black Petes come back and terrorize to town for a night, killing scores and torturing others.

This film looks great, and the idea is interesting… Too bad, as it had me dozing off a little more than half-way through. It’s boring and a waste of time. Want to see a Christmas horror film worth watching, then keep reading over the next week or so, as since we are heading towards Christmas, we will be spending the next week or so watching Christmas horror films. One or more are likely to be better than this.

Here is the trailer:


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