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Rites of Spring (2011) – Sacrifices For The Coming Harvest

rosWell this was an interesting movie, that had Netflix not suggested it, I most likely would never have seen it.

For 28 years, young women have disappeared every March 21, with no explanation and this year is no exception: two women are abducted outside the bar that they were drinking at. Unrelated, a small group decide to kidnap a business owner’s son in retaliation for one of them being fire for something he did not do. Asking $2,000,000, one of the kidnappers kills his wife, to show how serious they are.

The two girls that were taken from the bar wake up tied by the hands from the rafters of a barn. A deranged man approaches and cuts one of the females, collecting an amount of blood in a bowl and tossing it into the cellar of the barn… what’s going on here.

The kidnappers, mind you are waiting for their money – one of them a seriously loose cannon. When the money shows up, it’s accompanied by the business owner who is ready to kick ass. At this point we find out that the kidnapping was a little more convoluted than originally though with a little plot twist that was not expected.

Back to the barn where we find out that there is some sore of creature that is being appeased by the sacrifices of young women. A struggle ensues there when one of the women gets loose.

You know what? I’m not going to say more as I am mostly just describing what happens. This is an interesting combination of supernatural horror, and human versus human horror. Is it a great film? No, definitely not, but it’s also not a terrible film. In fact I was pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it. It’s not particularly long, so if it sounds even remotely like something you’d like then go for it.

Here is the trailer:


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