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The ABCs of Death (2012) – The Dewey Decimal System of Horror


The ABCs of Death is an interesting concept for a horror film: 26 short horror stories from 26 writer/directors, each tale based on the letter of the alphabet they’ve been assigned.

Clocking in at two hours and nine minutes and spanning horror genres from one end to the other, ABCs doesn’t give you a chance to be bored as it moves from one story to another so quickly.

26 directors from around the world means you get a look at what other cultures consider scary. From a freaky Bigfoot/Snowman to farting Japanese lesbians, expect to shake your head a few times wondering what the hell you just watched.

That said, I think this is a good movie and an excellent idea. It’s kind of like a horror sampler, and due to watching this film, I’ve got several writer/directors to add to my much watch list – I just hope that these creators are good when their work is expanded from two or three minutes to an hour and a half or more.

Go to Amazon or wherever you buy your movies from and get this one – I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen anything like it before.


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