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Midnight Movie (2008)–Better than Average

midnightmovieSo Netflix has been suggesting this movie for quite a while and I finally decided to watch it. The viewer reviews were positive (generally) , but that doesn’t mean much: people are raving about Safety Not Guaranteed  and that movie SUCKED!!!

Well, this time the reviews were right: this movie is pretty good for it’s genre. A 70s horror movie is being played at a run down movie house – the first time the film has been released since it;s director killed a munch of people as the main character and then disappeared. Two police officers that arrived on the scene are on hand for the movie just in case the director shows up.

Also, there’s a biker and his woman, a couple of cute girls, one who is managing the theatre, and her friend and both their boyfriends, the managers little brother and another guy they know but don’t care for a lot.

Well  the movie starts and weird thing happen – it takes a little while for the audience to figure out that some scenes are actually taking place in the theatre that they are in. Thinking that it’s a practical joke when the one guy that they don’t like much shows up in a scene after he goes to the washroom.

Well, eventually they figure out that they are being picked off one at a time by the killer that appears ion the film.

This movie isn’t perfect, but most horror movies aren’t. What it is is entertaining. Should you watch it? Well, if your looking  for a simple little horror movie that harkens back to the 80s then I say yes.

Check out the trailer here:


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