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The Frankenstein Theory (2013)–Interesting if Uninspiring

Frankenstein_Theory_PosterWell, The Frankenstein Theory popped up on Netflix as a “Top Ten Recommendation” for me so I thought why the hell not watch it.

This movie tells the story of Jonathan Venkenhein (played by Kris Lemche who also starred in Alter Egos, a movie I blogged about previously), the true heir to the Frankenstein myth and his search for the monster whom he believes to be still alive and residing in the arctic wastes of northern Canada. Turns out his great grandfather (or great great grandfather) created the monster that was immortalized in the Mary Shelley story. Venkenhein has hired a film crew to tag a long and film his quest.

Arriving at their destination, they hook up with a grizzled guide who takes them out to the desolation of the arctic, along the way filling them with tales of horror related to the extremes of weather and the dangerous polar bears. The first night they setup camp in a tent. Waking up their guide at the sound of wolves, the grumpy guide lets them know that wolves are the last thing they have to worry about… and to not wake him up again, or else. The next day they carry on to a Yurt, a round primitive structure which they setup camp in for the night. During the dark they hear horrific noises that Venkenhein attributes to the monster but the rest of the group think are the noises of bears. They awake to the destruction or damaging of all but one of their snowmobiles. Their guide decides to follow the tacks leading away from the destruction to get to the bottom of whom would ever do something like this. When four hours later the guide doesn’t return, they send out two of the party to find him. They find him alright… Dead.

The rest of the movie is the struggle of the ever decreasing remaining people trying to survive. By now it’s pretty obvious that Venkenhein’s monster does exist. They send out one member of the team to go out on the the one remaining snow mobile. When he doesn’t return, they start walking. Soon finding the remaining of the crew member that went for help, the team is gripped with the reality that they may not get back…

And the monster returns.

Ever see Trollhunter? If yes then think of that movie if the movie makers didn’t try as hard. This movie’s biggest issue is that it is boring, and if you’ve read this blog before you know the one thing I don’t forgive a movie maker is for boring me. Should you watch this movie? Well, I say no. Check out the trailer for yourself, though:


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