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Scarface (1932) – Classic Gangster Movie

Scarface 1932 posterI just finished watching the original 1932 Scarface, and I have to say it was excellent.

I am a big fan of the Al Pacino 1983 remake and had wanted to watch this movie for years but never got around to actually doing so until today. I should have a long time ago.

Scarface tells the story of Tony, (played by Paul Muni) an up and coming gangster in Chicago during the 1920s. Tony, starting off as a two bit thug quickly finds himself climbing the ladder of the Mob’s hierarchy by taking out rival gangsters and taking over their Speakeasys and booze distribution networks (the story takes place during the time of prohibition). Tony also has to deal with his sister who wants to live the fast life while Tony would be happier if she lived the life of a Nun. She’s got her eye on Tony’s body guard/ second in command. Soon Tony is rivalling his own boss for both the business and his boss’s girl. Eventually push comes to shove and Tony is the target of a bungles assassination attempt orchestrated by his boss. This leads to Tony finally taking care of his boss, moving Tony into the top position in the gang… Tony became the boss.

Being the Boss of the Mob means you’re also the bull’s-eye of a target for the other gangs and the FBI alike.  With the increasing power comes Tony’s increasing feeling of invincibility. This of course is what leads to Tony’s downfall.

Sure, there’s no scene with Tony and a giant pile of cocaine while the FBI is trying to breach his fortress/mansion – that’s an 80’s thing, though there is a standoff scene at the end. Despite that, this is a great movie that really deserves to be watched. Check out the trailer below.


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