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The Last Star Fighter (1984)–Silly Mid-80’s Family Friendly Sci-Fi

last_starfighter_posterI found The Last Star Fighter on Blu-Ray for $10 yesterday while flipping through the cheap discs at the local Target® and couldn’t resist picking it up.

I was pleasantly surprised by how clean the copy is and it comes chock full of extras – not a bad deal for $10.

The Last Star Fighter is a harmless little sci-fi movie from 1984 that tells the story of Alex Rogan (played by Lance Guest) a high school senior with dreams of doing something big in life, though life always seems to have other plans for him. Living in the Star Lite Trailer park with his mom, the owner and manager, Alex finds most of his free time taken up with repairs an helping out the various residents instead of spending time with his friends and his girlfriend, Maggie (played by Catherine Mary Stewart). The only escape he seems to be able to manage is while playing the videogame, The Last Star Fighter, that was delivered to the Trailer Park. One night Alex beats the record, taking out the boss ship… weirdly, this seams to be the most exciting thing that has ever happened in this trailer park, and soon everyone is gathered around the machine watching Alex destroy aliens.

Guess what? The video game was actually a recruiting tool left by  Centauri, a recruiter for the Star Fighters, a group of Space Ship warriors that are the defense of the Star League against the Evil Xur (played by Norman Snow). Picked up by Centauri and brought to the Star Fighter headquarters, Alex is confused – When it’s explained that he is to be a Star Fighter, Alex decides against it, explaining that he has too much to do at home. Centauri delivers him home, leaving a communication device with Alex in case he changes his mind.

Once back things are not as they should be: Alex discovers that Beta Alex, a robot left to take his place has caused issues between him and Maggie, as well as the fact that a hit-Beast is set to kill him. Messaging Centauri, he manages to elude the Hit beast long enough until Centauri arrives and destroys the hit beast. Speaking to Alex, he makes it plain that as long as Alex is at the Trailer park, the beasts will hunt him. Alex decides to join the Star Fighters.

Arriving at the base, they discover that a sneak attack has wiped out all the remaining Star Fighters but one, and experimental ship with a new weapons system. At first Alex is doubtful of his abilities and wants to go back to Earth, but a sudden dog fight with some enemy ships changes his mind. Deciding on a tactic of surprise, Alex and his trusty Navigator Grig, hide out and let the enemy flotilla pass them by, and then they attack from behind.

Success! Alex is a hero (I don’t want to give away more). Alex returns for his girl and then returns to space…

Okay, this movie is hokey  and cheezy, and the computer graphics don’t wow like they did on 1984, but the movie is still fun. When I was 14 and seeing the movie in the theatre, I was disappointed, but not now: I’ve learned a new appreciation since I was 14. If you get a chance to watch this movie, take it as it’s fun.

Checkout the trailer below.


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