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Not of This Earth (1988) – Horribly Horrible Movie

Oh my god… this was freakin’ painful to watch. 

1988’s Not of This Earth is a horrible remake of the already horrible Sci-Fi Roger Corman film of 1957. Since the original was horrible, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this film was horrible also… But this horrible? Ugh.

A dying member of a dying alien race is on Earth and has discovered the elixer that can prolong his and races life: Human blood. Using his amazing glowing eyes to take control of the minds of his victims. It looks like he might be unstoppable.

He (the alien) hires a local nurse (played by the sexy Traci Lords) to administer transfusions from legal sources of blood, while at night he supplements with the blood of his victims (mostly hookers).

Aside from some tits and ass shots, this movie really has no redeeming value – even to me, a huge supporter of shitty films. I say don’t freakin’ bother with this shitty film.

Here is the trailer:

The Curse of Frankenstein. Zzzzz…

So, I watched the 1957 Hammer film, The Curse of Frankenstein. Staring Peter Cushing as Doctor Frankenstein and Christopher Lee as the Monster in this stylistic British period pieces. Well acted, well written and a little boring, this movie suffered from the too much talking and not enough monster action. Perhaps I started watching it a little too late in the evening, and that may have made it seem more boring than it was… I don’t know, Hammer Films are good films, and this is not a bad film, just a little long winded. Christopher Lee makes an awesome Monster, and actually one of the better looking ones, in my opinion – I just wish we had seen more of him. So, I am disappointed with this film, but it’s not terrible. I’ll be watching more Hammer Films in the future, as the are great Film company, and their Dracula series is top notch (and also stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee). Expect to see a few of those discussed here in the future.

Check out the trailer: