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The Thing With Two Heads (1972) – Two Heads Makes For Twice the Awesome

It has been a long time since I’ve last (and first) watched this movie, much to long. 1972’s The Thing With Two Heads stars Ray Milland as brilliant but racist surgeon Maxwell Kirchner who has perfected the whole head transplant and Roosevelt Grier as Jack Moss, the guy that ends up hosting the first “extra” head. First tested successfully when Kirschner transfer plants the head of one gorilla onto the body of another gorilla creating a two headed gorilla (well, a guy in a two headed gorilla suit). It takes two weeks for the transplanted head to become strong enough to control the host body and at that time Kirschner successfully removed the original host’s head. Viola:a whole head transplant. The timing of Kirschner’s medical breakthrough is perfect – for him: he’s got of terminal chest cancer… Whatever the Hell that is. Anyway, he wants to transplant his head onto the body of a donor body, and then, once the transplant has proven viable (after about 30 days), have the head of the “donor” removed. Ideally this would be done with a patient with a terminal head injury or the like. More sick than previously though, Kirschner slips into a coma, but not before putting his assistant surgeon to the task of finding a suitable donor. 

A donor is finally found: a convict on death row that is offered 30 days life extension (the time it takes to know is the transplant is viable). While he does not know what is in for him, he sees the 30 days as an gift in order to prove his innocence on a murder charge. The surgery is done and is a success. The doctor wakes first, and after testing whether or not he had any control of the new, host body, he sees his new hand – his head had been grafted onto the body of a black man. Remember at the start of this, I told you the Doctor was a racist?. Kirschner freaks out… Eventually the host wakes up, FREAKED out that he has this old white guy attached to him and starts wailing away. His head is quickly anesthetized, to protect the doctor. This works for a short time, until the host,  pretending to be asleep, grabs the syringe the nurse uses to knock him out, gets her with it and takes off out of the hospital, while the Doctor’s head sleeps. Out of the hospital, he kidnaps the black doctor and hi-jacks his car and heads out to his woman’s place in search of the proof he needs to clear his name.

The rest is a crazy romp with a long , funny police chase, arguing and weird, good natured, if dark, fun. If I tell you more, I’ve pretty much told you the whole story. The effects are better than I expected, as is the acting and while silly, it if a cool, fun old movie. I totally recommend this movie!

Here is a trailer:


Pink Flamingos (1972) – Don’t Watch This Movie Unless You Know What You Are Getting Into

I watched John Water’s 1972 film, Pink Flamingos last night for the first, and what will be the last time. 

Pink Flamingos is the tale of Divine (the transvestite that became mainstream big in the 1980s with her hit song “You Think You’re a Man”), as an up and coming underground star, recently named “The Filthiest Person Alive by some tabloid style paper. This has enraged bizarro couple, Connie and Raymond Marble, who believe they are the filthiest people alive. With there business of kidnapping young women, impregnating them and selling the babies to lesbian couples, and many other deviant actions, they might have a point. They try to make it a point to destroy Divine and take her crown. Divine fights back and gets her own revenge.

Divine is living in a pink and blue trailer (with two pink flamingos out front) with her mentally challenged mother (who spends her days in a playpen asking for eggs and the egg man), her deviant son and travelling companion, Cotton. The Marble’s send a spy, a woman, to get information – this leads to a weird/sickening rape scene involving live chickens… ugh!

So, I really can’t say too much about this film, except warn you: You will see real chickens killed, you will see Divine actually take a shit and wipe herself, you will see Divine actually giving head to a guy (Divine is actually male folks)… You will see a lot. The actual last scene of the movie (if you make it there) shows Divine REALLY eating shit right from a dog’s ass. 

For those that don’t know who John Waters is, he’s an avant-garde film make with a penchant for extreme weirdness and trans-gender individuals. This film is a self described exercise in bad taste. I believe it was made just to test the boundaries of what an “artist” could get away with in 1972, the year that hard core porn was legalized in much of the United States (or so I heard somewhere). Well, it does that.

You’ve been warned, you decide if you need to see this film.

Here is the trailer that was run at the time:

The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) – Yeah… Why Was This Made?

1972’s Legend of Boggy Creek is supposed to be a documentary. A shitty, shitty documentary about a Bigfoot like creature that had been claimed to  have been seen in and around Fouke, Arkansas since the 1950s.

Starring people from the actual town that claimed to have seen and or heard the Boggy Creek monster.

Low budget, bad narrating and especially bad music married together and then slapped on a crappy script with crappy filmography and you have this movie.

Even if you believe in Bigfoot and Bigfoot like creatures, look elsewhere. I feel greasy and like the worst of the 1970s came spilling out of my monitor. 

This feels like an episode of the old Leonard Nimoy series, In Search Of with all the talent and entertainment sucked right out of it.

Because I am so bored with this movie here is what Wikipedia says about this movie:

The film, which claims to be a true story, sets out to detail the existence of the “Fouke Monster”, a bigfoot-like creature that has reportedly been seen by residents of a small Arkansas community since the 1950s. It is described as having a foul odor, completely covered in reddish-brown hair and having 7 toes and also known by leaving tracks found in beanfields.

Several locals from the small town of Fouke, Arkansasrecall their stories, often appearing as themselves, claiming that the creature has killed several large hogs as well as other animals. In one scene, a kitten is shown as having been “scared to death” by the creature. The narrator informs us that while people have shot at the creature in the past, it has always managed to escape. In another scene, hunters attempt to pursue the creature with dogs, but the dogs refuse to give chase. A police constable states that while driving home one night, the creature suddenly ran across the road in front of him.

In a later sequence, culled from the actual newspaper accounts inspiring the film, the creature is shown menacing a family in a remote country house. After being fired upon, the creature attacks, sending one family member to the hospital

Available freely online, if you want to waste your time, then go ahead and watch this crap.

Here’s the Trailer:

And here is the whole crapfest of a movie:

The Doomsday Machine (1972) – Ah, More End of the World Sci-Fi Crap

1972’s The Doomsday Machine… What can I say?

Well, the Chinese have developed a nuclear device that threatens to destroy the world. At the same time, the U.S is poised to launch the first manned probe to Venus. Receiving the news of China’s death machine, the U.S. pushes up the launch date, and at the last moment substitute three attractive women (scientists) for three of the originally planned crew.

Once launched, it is revealed to them all that the reason for the substitution in due to the fact that they just might be the last members of the human race, and therefore would be responsible to keep the species going. 

The movie attempts to touch upon the psychological aspects of such a crew in such a situation. One of the male member loses it and in an attempt to rape one of the women, causes them both to be accidentally jettisoned into space.

Soon they are forced, due to fuel concerns, to face the reality that they may not all survive. Two of the astronauts (male and female), take on a mission to fix something on the outside of the ship, that would mean they would not return. Once the repair is complete, and they are most likely set for doom, they notice a near by Russian ship, to which they head to. Arriving at the Russian ship, they find a long deceased Cosmonaut in a functioning capsule. The commandeer the ship and head towards Venus. Of course, the Venusians don’t like this idea and stop them…

There you go: That’s 1972’s The Doomsday Machine. I’ve seen much worse, but that doesn’t mean this is good. You can watch the whole, damned thing for free online, mind you – Since I can’t find trailer anywhere, here’s the whole movie: