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Alien Horror Week – Movie 5: Deadly Spawn (1983)

ThedeadlyspawnIt was a toss up as to whether or not we were going to watch Alien or Deadly Spawn. My buddy made the argument for Deadly Spawn as it is a much less known movie, and I went along.

So, a small town is invaded by a life form from space that looks a lot like a giant multiple headed lamprey with a penchant for making slug like babies (lots of them), and eating the locals. A group of four geeky science nerd teens and a young boy do their best to save the town (and most likely the world) from this infestation. It’s kind of weird that three of our movies had similar themes and creatures (Slither, Night of the Creeps and Deadly Spawn), not in that they are alien infestation movies (it’s kind of the theme), but the fact that the three creatures in the mentioned movies all propagate by releasing slug like grubs, liked to enter through the mouth id possible, and the main “mother” creature found someplace out of the way to grow and develop. Well, if they copied each other, this is the progenitor of all of ‘em.  A silly movie, Deadly Spawn stays entertaining, and cheezy which is perfect for me. Lots of campiness to go around, and some really questionable actions by it’s characters may make you moan at times…but don’;t let that stop you from enjoying the movie. A true representative of it’s time, the early 1980’s, it still stands out as a fun, throwback to the creature features of the 50’s and 60’s…

Watch this film, my friends!


Soylent Green (1973) – Slow Burning Sci-Fi

Soylent_greenIt seems to me that it is amazing that it took until yesterday for me to finally watch the 1973 Sci-Fi classic, Soylent Green, but it’s true and I am glad I finally did so.

Soylent Green takes place in New York City in 2022. The world is struggling to feed the masses a,d the human diet is primarily soy and plankton wafers (of different colours and quality) made by the Solent company. The wafers are found in red, yellow and the new, higher quality Soylent Green variety. When When New York city Police Detective Robert Thorn (played by Charlton Heston), is called to investigate the murder William R. Simonson, he discovers the dirty truth behind the Soylent corporation and their new wonder product, Soylent Green.

This movie paints an interesting if bleak view of the not so distant future: The humanity is struggling to feed it’s masses, while the upper crust lives in relative opulence. Rich executives have concubines (referred to as furniture) included with the rent of their homes. They get access to real foods instead of waiting in never ending lines for an allotment of tasteless survival food. Thorn’s persistent investigating turns up something very disturbing about the Soylent corporations new miracle food Soylent Green… Something that would definitely make it much less palatable .

This is an important Sci-Fi film, and I definitely suggest you watch it. It’s a bit slow, and if your Sci-Fi requires spaceships and laser guns, then don’t watch this as it will disappoint. But if you enjoy a good story then check it out.

The Keep (1983)–Should Have Kept Hidden

Keepposter1983’s The Keep is a long winded, confusing crappy storry about Nazi’s that release some ancient evil from a “Keep.:

Yeah, this is an ambitious tale, staring the usually amazing Sir Ian McKellen (actually, he’s the only strong part of this film)  and a handful of others that I won’t even bother looking up.  I couldn’t even pay attention, and I had NO distractions. If you read this blog even semi regularly, you know that it doesn’t take much for me to find something to like in a movie. I mean, lots of crappy 80’s synthesizer music, dry ice fog and Nazis and Demons…Should be good enough but it wasn’t.

Don’t bother with this one folks. And to think I almost bought the Blu-Ray!

Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) – Twisted Fantasy From a Great of Science Fiction

Wow… It has been a long time since I saw this movie and even longer since I read the book/story from the late, great Science Fiction master, Ray Bradbury. I should not have waited this long (29 years) to see it again. – it’s a great piece of fantasy.

Quiet, peaceful Greentown, Illinois is visited by the arrival of a very unusual Autumn carnival, run by the Mysterious Mr. Dark that shows up in town at midnight.

Two boys, best of friends Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade investigate the carnival and after poking around for a while discover the Carnival’s evil secret by promising to fulfil a persons greatest want/wish, they capture their soul (and body) by use of evil, black magic. Mr. Dark realizes that the two boys  have discovered the Dark secret and proceeds to hunt them down, while continuing to capture the souls of the town’s people. The boys seek help and refuge from Will’s father, the aging and ill (heart problems),Charles Halloway (played by  the late, great Jason Robards). Charles has them hide away in the Library while he confronts Mr. Dark. After some heated words, Mr Dark, with the help of an evil witch-woman brings Charles to edge of death, and captures the two boys. Charles must recover and save them.

This is an interesting tale. It’s not exactly like the book (something that slightly disappointed me back in 1983), but kept interesting though good acting and a great plot/script. There are a few special effects that haven’t held up too well over the years (but aren’t terrible), but over all the movie has aged well. I actually appreciate it more for watching it now, as an adult.

This is a movie that I highly recommend you watch.

Here is a trailer:

Prisoners Of The Lost Universe (1983) – Maybe they Should have Stayed Lost

This low budget movie from 1983, staring Battlestar Galactica’s Richard Hatch, is the story of people from out universe accidentally thrown into a parallel Universe, on a world called Vonya. This is a low budget sci-fi romp filmed in South Africa (pretty rare at this time as Apartheid was still in force at this time), that slipped into the public domain due to the negligence of it’s creators. Still, I’m pretty sure they didn’t sweat that too much, as I doubt there was much opportunity to make money off this …work.

Very cheezy, but fun, the goes more or less like this: A female host of a science TV show, Carrie Madison (played by Kay Lenz), visits a scientist who is eager to show his new creation (a device hat allows transportation of objects and people through to a parallel dimension). Unfortunately, an earth tremor at the time of demonstartion caused the scientist to stumble into the machine’s beam sending him through to the planet Vonya. Richard hatch, who in than earlier scene had been accidentally run off the road by Carrie, shows up at the lab looking for help for his now busted truck. He and Carrie both fall into the beam and they too fall into the “Lost Universe”

The rest is the tale of them trying to escape and their adventure in that endeavour. Ruling bad guy Kleel (played by John Saxon) has captured both the Scientist and Carrie and the rest of the movie is Richard Hatch and his collected band of mildly interesting mis-fits trying to save Carrie and get back to our dimension. 

Not much more worth adding, other than the fact that this show really feels like the 80s production that it is. I don’t know if it was made for TV, but if it was, then I am not surprised. 

Legally available for download or streaming for free, check it out if you want a chuckle (hell, it’s way better than Dear God, No). 

Check out the trailer here:

And the whole movie here:

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (1983) – A Fun, Silly Space Adventure

A silly movie from 1983, Spacehunter: Adventure in the Forbidden Zone plays homage to the pulp Sci-Fi movies and stories of yesteryear. A simple story: a commercial transport ship (like an ocean liner in space) gets hit by debris while travelling near a nova and people have to abandon ship – Salvage operator Wolff (played by Peter Strauss) heads out to rescue a group of three women that escaped in one pod and landed on the bleak, forsaken plague planet Terra XI

Upon landing on the planet Wolff with his Engineer,engineer Chalmers (the attractive Andrea Marcovicci), they find themselves in the middle of a pitched battle between two factions of natives for the control of the stranded Earth women. Before Wolf is able to rescue them, the women are captured and taken to the “Chemist” to be prepared for the pleasure of the Overdog (played by Michael Ironsides), the leader of the most powerful faction on the planet. During the battle Chalmer is “killed” (watch it and you’ll know why there’s quotes around killed), and Wolff meets a teenage “Scav” (short for scavenger” named Niki (played by Molly Ringwald) who agrees to be his guide… well, more accurately forces herself in as guide. Soon they come under attack of a large bulldozer type vehicle, which they find is being codriven by an old acquaintance of Wolff’s from the Military, Washington (played by the venerable Ernie Hudson), who reveals that he too is there to rescue the women and collect the reward (300 Mega credits). Despite refusing Washington’s suggestion that they work together to rescue the woman, eventually circumstances for the trio to work together to stay alive and battle the Overlord and his minions.

This truly is a simple, silly film that is just plain fun. It’s fitting that this was originally released in 3D, during the brief 3D resurgence that happened in the first half of the 1980s, as many of the cheezy 1950’s Sci-Fi films that it pays homage to were originally released in 3D. There’s not a whole lot of scenes where things are thrust into the views… err.. view, so it doesn’t lose anything being watched in 2D. I recommend this movie if you want a break froim movies where you need to use your brain, and If you like silly films (and if you don’t, why are you on this blog anyway?), then I think you might like this light adventure.

Check out the trailer here: