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Monkey Shines (1988) – Who’s a Cute Homicidal Helper Monkey?

In celebration of George A. Romero’s 73 birthday we decided to watch 1988’s Monkey Shines. I haven’t seen this movie since it was released originally and my memories of it were vague. Heck, I didn’t even know it was a Romero film until my friend suggested we watch it due to Romero’s already mentioned birthday. I’m glad I re-watched it.

Monkey Shines is the store of Allen Mann (played by Jason Beghe), a young man in the physical prime of his life who is rendered a quadriplegic when he is hit by a vehicle while jogging. Not taking the transition well, Allen’s friend, Geoffrey Fisher (played by John Pankow), arranges to have one of the monkeys that he’s been injecting with a formula to make more intelligent trained as a helper for Allen. At first this works great. The monkey, now named Ella bonds will Allen immediately and proves herself to be a great assistant and companion.Already bright, it soon becomes apparent (to Allen, at least) that Ella may be even more intelligent than she lets on. He believes that she may be getting out at night and somehow projecting her adventures into his dreams. Allen, too is changing: he becomes more angry and unforgiving. Soon things start happening to the people and things that anger Allen, and the only explanation he can come up with is that Ella is in tune with his thoughts and feelings and is acting on his dark thought. When Allen shares this belief  everyone around him just thinks he’s imagining things. Ella works up a significant body count b at the time before anyone finally clues in that it is the monkey.

Back in 1988 when I first saw this film I didn’t really appreciate it, and remember being a little disappointed with the movie. I’m not entirely sure why, but I remember that is how I felt at that time. I don’t know what I was expecting, but perhaps the 18-19 year old me was a dumb-ass.

This movie was pretty damned good, and I definitely suggest it as a watch. 

Check out the trailer below:


Scarecrows (1988) – Could Have Been Good, But As Usual, Wasn’t

1988’s horror movie, Scarecrow is another example of me watching a crappy movie so you don’t have to.

A bunch of paramilitary pull off a heist at a military base, hijack a plane with the pilot and his daughter, get double crossed by one of their confederates, who parachutes out of the plane with the money. They land and look for him on a piece of property riddled with scarecrows. The Scarecrows come to life and take them out one at a time… and blah blah blah blah blah blah. Oh, and don’t forget this: blah blah blah blah blah blah.

This is a stupid, boring movie. Stupid is okay, but please: never bore me.

This crappy movie is available on Netflix if you`re a masochist. Here’s the trailer (I could only find the German trailer, but hey – it sucks):

Waxworks (1988) – Don’t Waste Your Time

Easiest write up of a movie on this blog so far: This movie is crap and doesn’t deserve a write up – IT SUCKS.

It took me two days to get through the damn thing and I hope I never see it again… An I freakin’ like crappy movies!

A bunch of teenagers get invited to a midnight sneak preview at a creepy waxmiseum – only to be drawn into the exhibits and therefore wax figures themselves. Bad acting, bad script and a bad cast… Surprisingly all this adds up to a bad movie.

If you want to see a good movie revolving around a wax museum then watch Vincent Price’s House of Wax.

Here’s the crappy trailer for this crappy movie:

Deep Space (1988) – Better than I Expected – Though I Didn’t Expect Much

I just finished watching the 1988 horror/Science Fiction film, Deep Space and was pleasantly surprised: I expected this to be really bad -it turned out to be mildly o.k. actually.

A secret military experiment has created a bug like living weapon in space – and that experiment has fallen to Earth. The reason the experiment was done in space was due to how dangerous the creature would be if it got loose (plus, to keep it secret, probably). Well, now that’s crashed to Earth, it is now killing everything it comes in contact with – and reproducing. Dectective Ian McLemore (played by consummate ”that guy” actor, Charles Napier) and his partner, Detective Jerry Merris (played by Barney Miller alumni, Ron Glass)  investigate the gruesome killing of a young couple and find some interesting, things at the scene of the crime… thing apparently not of this Earth. Of course they were killed by the creature, released when it crashed to Earth. More people get killed, a hot police woman gets mixed up with McLemore and his unofficial investigation (he gets put on suspension early) and the gonernment/Military try to keep it all under wraps. Oh: and throw in a psychic (played by the always awesome Julie Newmar) and you have this movie.

I initially thought that this film, in some ways reminded me of the film, Biohazard – then I read that the maker of that film made this film too! The creature’s design is definitely inspired by the creatures from the Alien movies (including the young that look so much like the Face Huggers from the Alien movies that I’m surprised the makers of this film weren’t sued over it). The film isn’t great, but I actually expected it to be much worse. Would I recommend it? Well, why the hell not? I mean, I’ve recommended much worse films!

Check out the trailer here:

Phantasm II (1988) – The Ball is Back

Nine years between sequels can be a long time – especially when you are using a few of the original actors, but it seem to have turned out ok in this case.

Taking place about seven years after the original Phantasm movie, we start out with Mike, the young hero from the original film being released from an insane asylum. While he was in, he somehow became mentally linked with a girl “of his dreams that knows about the antagonist, “The Tall Man.” Mike, once released, goes directly to this town’s grave years and unearths several caskets to prove to himself (and now protector, Reggie – also from the original film), that he did not imagine all the events of the first film.

What happened in the first film, you may ask? Well, you should go see it, but here’s a quick run down for you: a kid (Mike) discovers that the bodies at a local graveyard/mortuary/mausoleum are being converted into shortened, reanimated evil Zombies (to be used as slaves on a nasty alien planet), and Mike, his older brother and Reggie (his older brother’s best friend) mus t fight them and the Tall Man that controls them.

In this film, Mike and Reggie take up the pursuit of the Tall Man again and are
travelling from town to town in an effort to hunt him down and (hopefully) destroy him once and for all. Along the way they pick up a female hitchhiker and run into the girl of Mikes dream, providing love interests for both of our main protagonists. The battle is soon on and the real action commences.

While I liked the original Phantasm film, I think this is a better film, as the original actor that played Mike has been replaced – a good thing, as I thought the portrayal of character mike was the worse thing in the original film. If you liked the first film than you should really see this.

Here’s a link to the trailer: