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Society (1989)–Do You Get The Feeling That The Rich Are Not Like The Rest Of Us?

SocietyWow… Wowwowwowwow. Wow

This was a weird one, and I am so surprised that I never watched this before now.


1989’s Society is an interesting film that tells the story of Bill Whitney (played by Billy Warlock), a 17 year old California High School student who is tone of two children of the very well off Whitney family. He has a cute sister, Jenny  who is just a little older than he is, a cheerleader girlfriend and is popular at school. Why isn’t Bill happy?

Bill has had the feeling that he doesn’t belong. He doesn’t look like the rest of his family. They don’t communicate with him, other than idle chit chat, and recently he thinks he’s noticed  some weird, seemingly impossible physical differences between himself and his family. His psychiatrist (oh yeah, he’s seeing a psychiatrist), Dr. Cleveland tells him he’s being paranoid and that he has to learn to fit in and accept his place in… society.

When a friend (and sister’s ex-boyfriend), David Blanchard, tries to let Bill know that things are not what they seem with his family, Bill rejects the idea out of hand. Eventually David gets Bill to listen to a secret recording David took of Jenny’s coming out party that seems to indicate that it was a family approved orgy, and that his parents really are keeping things from him. Providing his psychiatrist with a copy of the tape to prove that he isn’t paranoid, and that there are weird things going on in his family does nothing, when Dr. Cleveland plays it back and it’s a completely different, tame recording on the tape. What’s going on?

Bill starts raising hell and finds himself in some very weird and dangerous hot water. Eventually the truth is revealed to Bill, by Dr. Cleveland: The rich are a separate species from normal humans, and have been feeding off of us poor for as long as people have been around. In a glorious scene of crazy gross special effects, we get to see an orgy on eating and the weirdest transformations I have seen on film.

This movie has a lot going for it and I definitely suggest you watch it, though I will warn you that it is really quite gross. The acting isn’t the best but it definitely isn’t close to the worse either. I liked this film a lot and hope you will also.

Check out the trailer here:


Has Anyone Seen the 1989 Flick, Society? And If So, What Did You Think of It?

Hey folks, how are you today? Good I hope.

Anyway, I’ve had this movie suggested for me to watch by someone who hasn’t been very good with their suggestions of late. So what I thought I would do is ask you folks: Have you seen this movie, and if so, what do you think.

Here’s the trailer:

Parents (1989) – Ghoulishly Good Flick

Parents is a 1989 film, set in 1950’s suburbia is the story of a boy, Michael who discovers that his meat loving parents are cannibals.

This is a fun, funny stylish flick that I am surprised that I had never even heard of until earlier this week. Starring Randy Quaid as Nick Laemle and Mary Beth Hurt as Lily Laemle, Michaels parents, they play convincing mid-20th century parents… with a taste for Human flesh.

Michael, already an odd little boy,being raised by odd parents, suspects that something just isn’t right with his folks. Poking around, he finds hints but no answers to their weirdness – that is, at first. Eventually he discovers their secret, and that of course, put him in jeopardy.

This film is stylish with great visuals and a great cast. The story, while macabre, is engaging and fun. I have absolutely no issues recommending this silly film.

Check out the trailer here:

Reader Suggestion: UHF (1989) – If This Doesn’t Make You Laugh, Then You Suck!

Thanks to Brian for this movie suggestion:

Weird Al Yankovic’s 1989 comedy classic is a movie that every fan of funny must watch.

Stanley, a loser that can’t seem to keep a job is given the position of station manager of a local UHF television that his uncle won in a poker match. The station, with almost no watchers, quickly rises to number One as Stanley pioneers new programming – especially the new show, Stanley Spadowski’s Club House (Stanley being played masterfully by Michael Richards), a wacky wild ride of a kids show.

Their rise to the top gains the notice of the evil owner of Channel 8 (the big network channel), R.J. Fletcher (Kevin McCarthy), who makes it his personal mission to take down the upsart station. Taking advantage of Stanley’s Uncles penchant for gambling, offers to buy the station for $75,000 – exactly the amount his uncle owes to his bookie.

When Stanley hears this, he asks his uncle for a chance to raise the money himeself- leaving him two days to come up with the $75,00. They decide to hols a telethon, selling 7500 shares at $10 a piece. Getting wind of this, R.J. Fletcher moves to have Stanley kidnapped, the stations biggest star an only real hope to raise the money. The rest is a zany wild ride to against the clock, RJ and adversity.

This movie is so funny. It parodies so many classic (and not so classic) films. Silly silly silly – Hey, it’s by Weird Al – what the hell do you expect?

Find the whole movie below the trailer link (might not stay up for long).

Watch this movie: it is awesome!

Here is the trailer:

And Here is the whole movie (for as long as the link lasts):