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Remake Week Movie #5 – Fright Night (2011)

FrightNight2011We decided to take on the 2011 remake of the 1985 classic Vampire film, Fright Night last night and were not disappointed.

Fright Night tells the story of Charley Brewster (played by Anton Yelchin, now famous as Chekov from the Star Trek reboot) a teenager living in the suburbs of Las Vegas. Charley discovers that his neighbour, Jerry Dandrige (played by Colin Farrell) is actually a Vampire and must defeat him to save his family and friends.

Initially Charley just thinks Jerry is a normal guy that just moved in next door – that is until former best friend, Ed (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) opens his eyes to what is going on around him. Ed and Charley have become distanced and do not hang out any more, but Ed blackmails Charley to come with him to one of there mutual friend’s place to check on him as he seems to have disappeared without a trace. When they get there they find no trace of either their friend or family. It is here where Ed reveals that Charley’s new neighbour is a Vampire – something that Charley refuses to believe. Events at home, between himself and Jerry change his mind when Jerry asks him if he could borrow some beer for an upcoming liaison between himself and a girl – Charley obliges, and notices that Jerry cannot go past the threshold of his open door… Everyone knows a vampire cannot enter a home without being invited.

Soon things ramp up, and Jerry, being a Vampire starts feeding more and more and more people that Charley knows start disappearing. Jerry discovers that Charley has learned his secret and tries to get to Charley and his family, in any way possible. Charley seeks the help of a world famous occult/vampire hunter/Vegas Magician guy, Peter Vincent (played by David Tennant who at first just kicks him out, but eventually looks over a pile of information Charley left behind and realizes Charley is dealing with a real Vampire and decides to help… well, is forced to help when Jerry forces his hand. A note: in the original Fright Night, this character was played by the late and very great Roddy McDowall, and was the host of a late night horror movie show.

What follows is an action packed human’s versus Vampires battle(s) that is actually quite entertaining. There’s a cool battle between Charlie and former buddy, now turned Vampire Ed that in a way made me sympathetic to Ed. The final battle between Charley, Jerry and Jerry’s new brood of freshly changed Vampires is exciting and in a way pays homage to the original.

Is this better than the original? Oh, hell no. Is this movie good? Oh, yes. I found it a fun, entertaining Vampire movie and would not hesitate to recommend it as a watch.

Check out the trailer:

The Darkest Hour (2011) – What a Waste of a Potentially Good Idea

When I first saw the trailers for The Darkest Hour, I thought that it looked like it could be a good movie – it definitely looked interesting. Unfortunately I should have stuck with the trailer.

 Taking place in Moscow, a strange looking borealis (Northern Lights) precedes a dropping of flowery looking lit up objects. Once one makes contact with flesh, it disintegrates the living being.

The story starts with two American ‘Net entrepreneurs who have headed to Moscow to find their idea stolen. Later, while drowning their sorrows in a Moscow Night Club, where they are when this attack happens. They. along with two womaen and the asshole that stole their idea manage to survive this onslaught in a now almost empty Moscow. Along the way they meet up with a weird  scientist guy and a cute Russian girl, a group of Russians that have found ways to survive.

This movie had so much potential, and like many movies, was no more than smoke and mirrors. I just at no time cared for any of the characters, and there wasn`t much of a point (other than survival) to anything.

Once again, my time has been wasted.

Don’t watch this crap.

The Taint (2010) – I Like Bad Movies, But I Hate This One

A chemical (or virus) released by the lab in a town, turns all the men in to raving lunatics that have an uncontrollable urge to violently kill all women.

This is a piece of shit film that is nothing but a waste of everyone’s time. Really bad acting, filmography, script and concept. I find absolutely nothing compelling about this garbage. The only thing that it almost had going for it is that it is short. When I was done this movie I felt like finding the director and punching him in the face. This movie came close to making Black Devil Doll look good.

Don’t waste your damn time on this.

Here’s the sitty trailer for this shitty film:

Dear God No! (2011) – Dear God, Don’t Watch this Crap.

This was a waste of time. Really, this movie is a piece of crap.

I’ve been a fan of the new wave of pseudo-Grindhouse movies of late, but this crap just doesn’t do it at all.

Outlaw bikers killing indiscriminately, and evil scientist and actors that can’t act. I want to punch eveyone involved in this movie in the face.

I think this is a part of a new genre that I will coin, Craphouse.

Don’t watch it – but here’s trailer for this piece of shit:

Deadheads (2011) – Zombie Movie with a Romantic Side – Funny

We watched thr 2011 Zombie flick, Deadheads – A movie about  two surprisingly high functioning Zombies, their lower functioning Zombie friend/pet/body gaurd, Cheese, a quest to tell one of the Zombies fiance (from 3 years prior) how he feels and several escapes from the grips of Zombie Hunters… Oh, and a military plot.

That’s what this movie is about… Yeah, that’s it.

It’s not a great movie, but it does deliver a good number of laughs. After watching Trippin’ this seems like a damned masterpiece. If you’re not too concerned about plot etc, but want a laugh and want to see a Zombie flick then check out Deadheads.

Check out the Trailer here:

Trippin’ (2011) – Don’t Bother

Watched the 2011 Stoner/comedy/horror attempt last night and really wish I didn’t. Three couples head out to a remote cabin and bad things happen. Like we’ve never seen that plot before. BORING BORING BORING. For most of the movie, nothing interesting happens, and then when something potentially interesting happens, they find a way to portray that in the most boring possible way. I mean… has the creator of this movie never watched another movie? I hope they NEVER get a chance to make another movie. Creating a turd like this is inexcusable – and this from a guy that LIKES bad movies. To the makers of this move I say go friggin’ screw yourself.

This is a horribly boring waste of time.

*EDIT: Here’s a link to the crappy trailer: