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A Little Bit Zombie (2012) – Where Did This Movie Come From And Why IS It As Good As It Is?

2012’s Little Bit Zombie came out of nowhere and left me a little stunned: for a movie I never heard of, this thing is good!

Pretty typical idea: a group of young friends decide to go to a cabin for the weekend to relax and have fun before one of the couple’s marriage. Once there, one of the characters, Steve (the groom to be) gets stung repeatedly by an angry mosquito that is carrying the Zombie virus.

As the the night progresses, Steve starts acting a little more and more zombie like. Add a pair of paranormal investigators, one led by a magical zombie detector (or something) who are drawn to the cabin when they detect a “hybrid zombie” – That would be Steve, who unlike most zombies,slowly coasted to Zombiehood, opposed to the regular, “I’ve been bit and swarmed” style of Zombification leaving Steve in a half-human, half-zombie state.

This movie is pretty well made and quite funny – way more so than I expected. If you like comedy and Zombies, I say check this one out. I found it on  Netflix (it was a suggested watch), and I think if you look it’s most likely available other placed also. 

Check out the trailer here:


Cherry Bomb (2011) – An Homage to 80s Violent Revenge Movies

Well this movie came out of no where – a Netflix suggestion for a friend of mine, it’s a movie that neither of us had heard of before. Well, I’m kind of glad we watched it.

The gist of the story is a stripper in 1984 Texas, Cherry, gets raped and beaten in the “Champagne” room at the club she works at. The perpetraors get away with it through collusion and intimidation. Without legal justice, Cherry, and reluctantly her brother, take matters into their own hands and exact mortal payment for their trangressions.

Yes, this is a tale of revenge. The acting isn’t great and the story is simple, yet I enjoyed this pseudo throw back to the 80s. Plus: it’s always fun watching assholes get what’s coming to them. Also, they are being stocked by a tough, ugly and huge hitman.

If you’re looking for a good movie, well this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a good enough movie that doesn’t make you think too much, then this just might fit the bill. I We found it on Netflix – Check it out if you get a chance.

Here is the trailer:

Bully (2001) – Compelling Movie About Some Stupid Murderers

Bully, a 2001 independent film about a group of youths that decide to murder one of their own who  is a bully towards them is a compelling, well acted and for the most part, well written film about some very stupid youths that plan to murder a member of their group that constantly bullies and beats them (as well as rapes – lets not forget rapes them). The film is based on actual events – just how  closely, I have no idea – I’m sure you could find that information on the web – just not here. – Please don’t mistake this film for the 2011 documentary of the same name – they are unrelated.

Taking place in South Florida, it starts as a story of two friends, one of whom is a surfer drop-out, Marty Puccio (played by Brad Renfro), and his constantly bullying life-long friend, Bobby Kent (played by Nick Stahl). In the first few minutes you see Marty and Bobby at their work, a sandwich shop where two girls, Ali Willis and Lisa Connelly (played by Bijou Phillips and Rachel Miner respectively) and  enter and are chatted up by the two friends. Bobby slams Marty’s head on a freezer in front of the girls, basically setting their friendship for the audience. The four all end up on a double date. Marty haves sex with Lisa, and they start dating (Lisa says she loves him, and like all silly youths states that she’d do anything for him) – and Ali gives Bobby head in the car… That’s how it starts.

As the film progresses, you see many more examples of Bobby bullying Marty and their friends, including the rape of Lisa and one of her friends that she stupidly more or less delivers to him. Eventually the increasingly unstable Lisa starts “master minding” a plot to rid themselves of Bobby through murdering him. Pretty simple right? Set the guy up somehow and them kill him. Sure… Only these idiots start recruiting just about everyone they know. It seemed as though if you had walked up to Lisa and said “What’s up?” that she’s answer, “Oh, just planning on murdering Bobby… Want to  help?” Yeah, she ends up gathering a group of friends together to make the plan work – including someone they believe to be a member of the Mafia (or at least in a gang). 

The plot progresses and they lure Bobby out and, eventually (thinks get screwy with people getting scared etc.), but Bobby end up dead. Of course these people are too stupid to keep a secret – Hell, they pretty much told anyone they ran across that they were planning on killing Bobby, and they all end up busted.

Was this a good movie? Yes. Were the people stupid? Yes? Would I recommend it? Maybe… despite being well made, I get tired of stupid people fast.

Here is the trailer: