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Suspiria (1977)–Witchy Italian Movie Weirdness at an German Ballet Academy

SuspiriaItalySuspiria is a 1977 horror movie directed by the Italian master, Dario Argento, and the fist of a trilogy of horror. And it’s weird… and loud.

Suspiria tells the story of America ballet dance student, Suzy Bannion who takes up study at a prestigious dance study in Germany, but quickly discovers that things are not what they may seem.  Upon arriving at the school on a ridiculously rainy night, only to see an upset girl fleeing and mumbling something about a secret and a flower – and then to be refused entrance. Next we see a girl die in an artistically weird stabbing… The next day Suzy manages to get to the school, meets Madame Blanc and Miss Tanner, and is shown around the school and introduced to the girls in the locker room. Suzy is told that the room she was to stay in is not ready and that she will stay with another student for the time being. At the school, Suzy has a fainting spell (after a weird encounter with the school’s cook)… later she seems okay…

Alright: All I am doing is describing what happened in the movie – and that is a silly thing to do. It’s al artistic Italian Horror by the master Dario Argento and it is about a Ballet School run by witches…

Argento manages to create a creepy, artistic weird horror flick of sorts that keeps you watching. The strong uses of colour is very jarring as well as is the cacophonous soundtrack which built up so much tension in me that I almost felt nauseous. Seriously, I have never had a soundtrack for a film affect me so… and it was loud. This is a trippy experience of a film and definitely bot for everyone. If you have an open mind (and not overly sensitive ears)  , then this will be a memorable watch. Will you like it? Many won’t – I did, but with reservations. You check it out and tell me what you think. Here’s the trailer:


Modern Problems (1981) – Early 80s Chevy Chase Telekinetic Silliness

I saw 1981’s Modern Problems in the theatre when I was all of 12 years old. I loved it then and I love it now. This is a movie of epic silly proportions.

It’s the story of Max Fielder (played by Chevy Chase), a wimpy  air traffic controller that allows everyone around him to push him around. He’s dealing with the possible end of his long term relationship to Darcy (played by Patty D’Arbanville) due to his innate wimpiness and uncontrollable jealousy. Max accidentally gets irradiated with toxic nuclear waste that imbues him with telekinetic powers. Combine those powers with his personality issues and you have a troubling combination.

Along the way we are introduced to his friend, Brian, a wheelchair bound Vietnam vet played by Brian Doyle-Murray, who invites Max and Darcy to his beach house along with writer and womanizing asshole Mark Winslow (played by the always great Dabney Coleman). Max, when confronted by the group[ at dinner, loses it and unleashes his power and anger at Winslow. From there on things escalate like crazy. It all comes to a silly head in a flash of violence, voodoo and siliness.

See this move…

Here’s the trailer: