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Robocop 1987 Vs. Robocop 2014

Hey folks! Here is my Review/comparison of 1987’s Robocop versus 2014’s Robocop. I loved the original and was a little (okay, more than a little)…nervous…yeah, nervous about the reboot. Well, it’s pretty good. Better than the original? Chaeck out my video review below and find out.

Also, when you are done that, go to to check out all the retro gaming goodness there.


My First Review for

Well, I completed my first review for, the place for retro game collectors. I was asked to contribute reviews by my buddy Corey Bradley, creator and curator of Colexions, contribute them, and I was more than happy to oblige. The video is pretty damned rough, and I promise that the next one will be better – Hell, I look like a floating head!!! That said, please head over to and check out the review… and all the other awesomeness that is colexions!


Great Deal: Hobo With a Shotgun on Blu-Ray Only $7


Hatchet I and II–Fun Throwbacks To A Simpler Age

A couple of nights ago I re-watched Hatchet (2006) and Hatchet II (2010) after seeing a teaser for the upcoming Hatchet III. I am glad I did.

hatchetHatchet tells the story of a group of people that take a night tour of a Louisiana swamp during Mardi Gras  festivities and run into the psycho-killer, Victor Crowley. Victor was born horrible disfigured and was raised in a cabin in the swamp by his father, Mr. Crowley (played by the always amazing Kane Hodder), protecting him from the cruel outside world. Local kids would come by in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the disfigured boys. One night, the local kids decide to scare him out of the cabin by throwing fireworks. Unfortunately the cabin catches fire, and in an attempt to rescue his son, he accidentally kills him. Now, years later, Victor Crowley (also played by Kane Hodder) is forced to relive that night and takes vengeance to whomever enters the swamp.

So, this unlucky group of folks are on this tour of the swamp, in a portion of the swamp that has been closed for years by authorities, with an incompetent tour guide (an Asian fellow with a Louisiana  accent – sometimes). The tour guide does a great job getting them hung up and thereby forcing them to get off the boat and onto land… and into Victor Crowley’s lands.

One by one they are picked off in different but equally horrific ways. We also learn a bit more about each of the tourists, though at this point it doesn’t matter as they are going to die soon. We do learn that one of the people, an attractive young lady by the name of Marybeth (played by Tamara Feldman) is acually a local and along for the ride in hopes to find out what happened to her Father and Brother who disappeared a day earlier while ‘gator hunting in the same section of swamp.

Like most of these movies, we see the characters taken down one at a time in great gory scenes. The movie isn’t the greatest, but it is a good slasher flick. If you like this style of film then I think You’d like Hatchet.


hatchet2Hatchet II continues from the very last scene of the first movie. Marybeth’s character now being played by Danielle Harris. Kane Hodder returns as Both Victor and Thomas Crowley.

Part two is a story of a hunt for Victor Crowley, pushed for by Marybeth, but organized by Reverend Voodoo (a role reprised from the first movie and played by Tony Todd). Marybeth wants to retrieve the bodies of her brother and father, while Reverend Voodoo wants to clear the swamp of Victor Crowley so he can run more tours out of the swamp and make a bigger profit. Voodoo gets together a posse to defeat Crowley and they head out.

Of course it’s not that easy and one by one the hunters become the hunted. We see more, gory killings as the posse’s numbers dwindle. Crowley seems unstoppable.

Soon we learn Voodoo’s true plan (but I won’t tell you what it is as you can watch the damned movie yourself), and we learn just how much a douche he really is.

Plans are great, but they rarely work out in movies, right?

Hatchet 2 is fun, but not as good as the first, though I do suggest watching both.

Check out the trailers for the two below:


Hatchet II

Mindwarp (1992) – Bruce Campbell Cheeziness to the Max

Mindwarp (also known as Brain Slasher) is a 1992 post environmental apocalypse sci-fi/horror film staring Bruce Campbell. Three groups of humans exist: those that were saved and brought to a complex, shielded from the destructive rays of the unshielded sun, and those forced to live outside. Most of those are mutants called Crawlers, who live in an underground, hellish society, coming to the surface to scavenge for old technology, and the occasional straggler to be captured and most often used for food, but occasionally used as breeding stock. The other, smaller group are regular humans, struggling to survive against the deadly sun and the evil crawlers – Bruce Campbell is one of this group. The movie surrounds a young lady who is part of the “lucky” group that is protected. She questions her existence as it is just comprised of sleeping and then being hooked up to the Infinisys sytem that allows them to enjoy a simulated reality of their choice, as there is nothing to do locked away from the outside. She hates it and rebels, getting herself expelled fron the safety of the indoors. Finding herself outdoors, she is quickly captured by crawlers, and almost as equally quickly rescued by our trusty hero, Bruce Campbell.

Bruce explains to her where she is and what exactly he saved her from. Then they make out and promptly both captured by crawlers and brought below to the subterranean world of the Crawlers. 

In this dank evil world, Bruce is relegated to a work gang, while the girl is brought to a room to be tested for breeding comparability  Here are back and forth skirmishes, they escape, get captured, escape again, get captured again. Then there’s a big twist when we find out who runs the Crawler world. Throw in a couple more little twist and then run the credits.

This is a typical early 90s Bruce Campbell film: low budget and cheezy dialogue. It’s silly, and yet I liked it – like I said, it’s got Bruce Campbell in it! If you’re a Bruce Campbell film then you know you have to see this film, and it is better than some of his other post Evil Dead movies.

Sorry folks, but I couldn’t find a trailer anywhere!

Outland (1981) – Sean Connery Kicking Ass as a Federal Marshal – In Space

Let me start by saying that I like this movie. I first saw it as a kid, and found it boring and dumb back then, but am glad to say that my opinion has now changed.

Set in a titanium mine on Jupiter’s moon, IO, Federal Marshal William O’Niel (Sean Connery) is assigned to the stating to lead it’s security detail – something that should be routine. Well, if this was going to be a routine assignment then this wouldn’t be much of a movie, right? Luckily, things don’t stay routine – for us, at least.

Not a very fast moving film, it is filled with darkness and a foreboding feeling. This mine is not an overly happy place. Soon, miners start acting weird and doing inexplicably psychotic things that either cause death to themselves – There’s a problem on IO. Seems as though Marshal O’Niel has a drug problem in the mine to fight – and a bad one at that. Add to the fact that the drugs are being supplied by the leader of the mine, Mark Sheppard (played by Peter Boyle), who also starts a campaign to have Marshal O’Niel eliminated. A great performance is also had by Frances Sternhagen (you might not know the name, but you most probably will recognize her from countless roles) as the jaded, but ethical Doctor Lazarus. Also – look out for John Ratzenberger of Cheers fame – he’s in here somewhere…

Dark, moody and plodding may not sound like positive things to say about a movie, but in this case they are positives. This movie is supposed to be Dark, moody and plodding. If you’re looking for a sci-fi movie with a lot of action, well this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a sci-fi movie with depth and drama, watch this. Plus, it freakin’ has Sean Connery in it. Add a few exploding heads due to rapid decompression and you have a most watchable movie. That’s easy to do as I just discovered that the whole thing is available on Youtube – you’ll find that right after the trailer, below.

Check out the trailer here:

And the Whole movie right here:

Night of the Living Dead (1990) – Tom Savini Did a Good Job

imageLast week I watched two versions of Night of the Living Dead, The Millenium Edition (avoid this like the plague), and Night of the Living Dead, the 1990 Tom Savini remake. Savini’s version IS worth watching. You might not know Tom Savini by name, but he is one of the best special effects guy in the business.

More of a re-imagining than a re-make, I found this very enjoyable. It starts off very much like the original, and mostly stays with the same story line. The main differences come in the portrayals of the characters. Barbara in the original film spends most of the film in a pathetic near catatonic state, whereas in this edition she turns into a lean, mean Zombie Killing Machine – actually a nice change. You Sci-Fi fans out there might recognize Babara as the actress Patricia Tallman who went on to portray the telepath Lyta Alexander in the television series Babylon Five. Although Tony Todd puts in a typically good job in the roll of Ben, the protagonist, there’s a more than a bit of cheezy acting, but that is a good thing (in moderation) in this  type of film.

I really didn’t expect much before I started watching this, and I was pleasantly surprised at not being bored, or pissed at a poor remake of a classic. This movie acts as a great lead in to the other Romero “Dead” movies and I really suggest watching it.

Check out the trailer below:

Watching the Awesome Classic, Scanners (1981)

Tonight’s movie is the 1981 classic, Scanners. That makes two David Cronenberg movies in less than a week.. Scanners, and if you haven’t seen it before is the story of a group of people with the ability to “Scan” other people minds. This allows them to read minds and cause all kinds of havoc (including some awesomely gruesome head exploding action). Staring Michael Ironside, this movie does not fail to deliver. Action, good acting, storyline and great direction makes this a must watch – and a possible re-watch if you haven’t seen it before.

Check out the trailer below: