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Alien Origin (2012) – “Found Video” Crapfest

Why… Why do I do this to myself? 

This is a crappy movie that is supposedly made up of found footage (you know, like Blair Witch and Cloverfield). This time it’s video from Belize from a military unit with an embedded female american reporter looking for two missing archaeologists or something – I just don’t care.

It’s a tale of aliens that you never really see and the origin part is thrown in in the last minute. 

Bad acting, and an almost total lack of plot, a total and complete waste of time.

Don’t watch it, but here’s a friggin trailer for you:


Grizzly (1976) – 18 Feet of Gut Wrenching Jaws Ripoff

You know  that saying, so bad it’s good? Well, I think that applies here.

My wife suggested this movie for the blog. She saw at the drive in  with her parents and brother when she was a kid and said it would be perfect for this blog. She was right (as usual).

What is Grizzly? Simply it is Jaws with the woods as the ocean and a gigantic Grizzly bear as the shark. Really. I mean it. Almost scene for scene, this is Jaws with a bear, a lower budget, worse script and no Steven Spielberg.

A giant Grizzy (in an area that’s not supposed to have Grizzlies), starts killing and eating campers like they’re going out of style. A park ranger that cares is trumped by his boss that has his own agenda… you know: like mayor of Amity in Jaws. They send out a bunch of random, drunken hunters to hunt down the bear against the wishes of the park ranger – like the fishermen trying to earn the bounty on the shark… In Jaws. It goes on… hell even the music is similar. Low Budget Land Jaws.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked this movie. Sure it’s dumb but that’s exactly what I expected. This was one of many movies made in an attempt to cash in on the hoopla (yes, I said hoopla), that was created by Jaws. The fact that it was a scene for scene attempt at a copy was just a bonus. Should you watch it? Oh HELL yeah. It’s even easy to do, as I just noticed it is on Youtube, though I’m not sure for how long – check out that link below the clip below.

Here’s a few minutes from the movie:

Deep Space (1988) – Better than I Expected – Though I Didn’t Expect Much

I just finished watching the 1988 horror/Science Fiction film, Deep Space and was pleasantly surprised: I expected this to be really bad -it turned out to be mildly o.k. actually.

A secret military experiment has created a bug like living weapon in space – and that experiment has fallen to Earth. The reason the experiment was done in space was due to how dangerous the creature would be if it got loose (plus, to keep it secret, probably). Well, now that’s crashed to Earth, it is now killing everything it comes in contact with – and reproducing. Dectective Ian McLemore (played by consummate ”that guy” actor, Charles Napier) and his partner, Detective Jerry Merris (played by Barney Miller alumni, Ron Glass)  investigate the gruesome killing of a young couple and find some interesting, things at the scene of the crime… thing apparently not of this Earth. Of course they were killed by the creature, released when it crashed to Earth. More people get killed, a hot police woman gets mixed up with McLemore and his unofficial investigation (he gets put on suspension early) and the gonernment/Military try to keep it all under wraps. Oh: and throw in a psychic (played by the always awesome Julie Newmar) and you have this movie.

I initially thought that this film, in some ways reminded me of the film, Biohazard – then I read that the maker of that film made this film too! The creature’s design is definitely inspired by the creatures from the Alien movies (including the young that look so much like the Face Huggers from the Alien movies that I’m surprised the makers of this film weren’t sued over it). The film isn’t great, but I actually expected it to be much worse. Would I recommend it? Well, why the hell not? I mean, I’ve recommended much worse films!

Check out the trailer here:

Starcrash (1978) – Did They Mis-Spell Starcrap?

Ah, Italian Sci-Fi movies or Spaghetti Sci-Fi as I like to refer to them – a special kind of bad movies, and Starcrash is one of those. Released shortly after Star Wars took the world by storm and attempting to ride on it’s coat tails, Starcrash fails in almost every way as a movie. That was expected, though.

A couple of smugglers, the scantily clad Stella Star (played by Caroline Munroe) whos is apparently one of the best space pilots (and ass kickers) and Akton (played by Marjoe Gotner) are forced to search for the Galactic Emperor’s only son, Simon (Played surprisingly by David Hasselhoff  – the Galactic Emperor is played by Christopher Plummer) who was lost when the ship he was on was hit by a beam that made the crew turn insane. They are tracking three  escape pods to three different planets – of course each planet full of a different kind of danger. Throw in a faithful, powerful robot companion, Elle (played by Hamilton Camp), and you have the making of a cast and crew. There’s also a fair amount of bad stop motion animation with some of the evil robotic enemies – always enjoyable.

Stella’s companion Akton has several super powers (like seeing the future and restoring life) and the Emperor’s son Simon has a light sword that he uses to defeat some of those aforementioned bad robots.  

There’s a big bad guy, Count Zarth (played by Joe Spinell) who is behind all the trouble.

The rest is cheeze – pure cheeze.

This one I have to say is a must watch – terrible but a must watch. It’s too dumb not to be – plus it is available for free on Youtube as an episode of  Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Caroline Munro looks hot (as usual – in her 1970’s way, that is), and this is just pure fun.

Check out a clip here:

Watch the whole movie here (with cheezy comentary via Mystery Science 3000):

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980) John Boy – You Should Have Stayed in the Country

I like Roger Corman films. I like Science Fiction films. I liked John Boy and The Waltons. Did I like a Roger Corman Science Fiction Film starring Richard Thomas, who played John Boy in the iconic TV show, the Waltons? Uhhh… It was ok.

Here’s the (very) basic story: 

The Peaceful farming planet of Akir is threatened by bad guy/Tyrant Sador and his army of space thugs/mutants the Malmori who threaten to turn planet Akir into a small sun with the use of the super weapon, the Stellar Converter. Unless the people of Akir accept him as their leader, Sador will use the weapon – and he gives them several days to decide. In that time, Shad (played by Richard Thomas), goes out into space to recruit soldiers to help fight and hopefully defeat Sador. Shad pilots an interestingly designed ship called a Corsair Star Cruiser that has an onboard artificial intelligence named Nell that quickly becomes an important character. Shad goes from being detained in an effort to get him to mate with a scientist’s daughter to helping out a space cowboy delivery man (played by George Peppard), to meeting with a notorious interstellar assassin Gelt (played by Robert Vaughn). He manages to gather a rag-tag group of freedom fighters to help battle Sador.

Simple, dumb and generic – there is still al little charm here. This is one of the movies that used to come on late Friday or Saturday nights when  I was a kid. Interesting then, and enjoyable now mostly for the memories it brings back.

A typical space opera of the early 1980s when every film maker was jumping on the Star Wars band wagon, Battle Beyond the Stars isn’t the worse that I’ve seen, and is definitely better than many of the same period. Would I recommend it? Not necessarily, but I also wouldn’t tell you to avoid it. If you get a chance to see it, see it. 

Here’s the trailer: