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1941 (1976)–A Comedy Tour De Force that Pokes Fun at a Most Unfunny Time

Check out my review of the Steven Spielberg Comedy classic, 1941. When you are done watching the review, make sure you head over to, the place for the retro collector on the web!

The Darkest Hour (2011) – What a Waste of a Potentially Good Idea

When I first saw the trailers for The Darkest Hour, I thought that it looked like it could be a good movie – it definitely looked interesting. Unfortunately I should have stuck with the trailer.

 Taking place in Moscow, a strange looking borealis (Northern Lights) precedes a dropping of flowery looking lit up objects. Once one makes contact with flesh, it disintegrates the living being.

The story starts with two American ‘Net entrepreneurs who have headed to Moscow to find their idea stolen. Later, while drowning their sorrows in a Moscow Night Club, where they are when this attack happens. They. along with two womaen and the asshole that stole their idea manage to survive this onslaught in a now almost empty Moscow. Along the way they meet up with a weird  scientist guy and a cute Russian girl, a group of Russians that have found ways to survive.

This movie had so much potential, and like many movies, was no more than smoke and mirrors. I just at no time cared for any of the characters, and there wasn`t much of a point (other than survival) to anything.

Once again, my time has been wasted.

Don’t watch this crap.


Earth vs the Flying Saucers (1956) – Classic Cheezy Us vs Them Sci-Fi

Well, this was a fun way to start my day.

1956’s Earth vs. the Flying Saucers is a fun, silly typical Aliens vs Us style movie that was popular in the 1950s – but this one is a little more watchable than many others.

For the most part standard fare: Several satellite launches have crashed to Earth for no apparent reason. Soon reports of UFO sightings start popping up around the world. A group of scientists who were working on the satellite launch problems receive a radio signal that they cannot interpret. Soon a UFO lands and the Military attempt to to attack it with no luck. The weapons used against the ship have no effect against it’s force field, and are themselves hit with a ray that makes them disappear (a little reminiscent of the movie adaptation of War of the Worlds from the 50s).

Eventually communication is set up between the scientists and the aliens who explain that they are coming to Earth to colonize it. Not a good thing for us Humans!

So, the scientists develop a weapon to use against the aliens… just when all seems at a loss…

So, yes it is a dumb 50’s sci-fi film, but I’m not sure why, but it was somewhat more compelling than most. Definitely a fun watch and available freely on line – find that link after the clip below.

Here is the Trailer:

And Here is the whole movie:

Alien Apocalypse (2005) – Only Watch If You Like Bruce Campbell

Ok… This movie really sucks. I liked it because Bruce Campbell is in it, but that is about it. Made in 2005 simultaneously with The Man With the Screaming Brain (also 2005, and also with Bruce Campbell), and both were presented to the Sci-Fi Channel. Sci-Fi purchased one of the two (I don’t know for sure which one – I believe this one), and the other went right to DVD. This movie was filmed in Sofia, Bulgaria and most of the secondary actors did not speak English, and dialogue dubbed over later. This feels so much like a made for TV production (which it is), that I felt cheaper for watching it…kinda’.

The premise is that Humans have been enslaved by an Ant-like alien race. A group of astronauts, in space for 40 or so years, return and attempt to destroy the alien’s grasp on humanity. The Aliens are here to take Earth’s trees – they like wood I guess), and humanity has been enslaved to work in Concentration camp Lumberyards.

Yeah… These aliens are wimps and easily enough foiled. That’s enough – This film doesn’t deserve any more of a description.

Watch it if you like…

Here’s the trailer: