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John Dies at the End (2012) – A Wild Wacky Movie That Barely Makes Sense That You Should See

imageJohn Dies At The End is a weird tale of a couple of drop outs, exposed to a weird drug that allows them to see into another dimension and leaves them as protectors of our world from a possible invasion for that said dimension.

A movie by Don Coscarelli, the man who brought us the masterpieces Bubba Ho-Tep and the Phantasm series (amongst other films) has created a stylish, surrealistic weird movie that kept me confused and riveted at the same time. A couple of dope smoking, drinking roommates, Dave and John attend a big party where they meet Robert Marley who introduces them to a new drug with the weirdest of properties: a lone with distorting time, it also allows you to see into other dimensions and the evil that lives there. The drug also blurs the line between life and death. In fact, there are several times when it is not obvious if the characters on screen are alive or something…else. Throw in a police officer who has also seen a glimpse into this world and is doing his best to removea any trace of it, by any means possible. The story itself is told as a flashback while Dave relates the story to a reporter, Arnie Blondestone (played by Paul Giamatti).

This is really a hard movie to describe because it’s really not like anything I’ve seen before. All I can really say is that if you have an open mind for weird (but good) movies, then you really should see this film.

Check out the trailer below:

Phantasm II (1988) – The Ball is Back

Nine years between sequels can be a long time – especially when you are using a few of the original actors, but it seem to have turned out ok in this case.

Taking place about seven years after the original Phantasm movie, we start out with Mike, the young hero from the original film being released from an insane asylum. While he was in, he somehow became mentally linked with a girl “of his dreams that knows about the antagonist, “The Tall Man.” Mike, once released, goes directly to this town’s grave years and unearths several caskets to prove to himself (and now protector, Reggie – also from the original film), that he did not imagine all the events of the first film.

What happened in the first film, you may ask? Well, you should go see it, but here’s a quick run down for you: a kid (Mike) discovers that the bodies at a local graveyard/mortuary/mausoleum are being converted into shortened, reanimated evil Zombies (to be used as slaves on a nasty alien planet), and Mike, his older brother and Reggie (his older brother’s best friend) mus t fight them and the Tall Man that controls them.

In this film, Mike and Reggie take up the pursuit of the Tall Man again and are
travelling from town to town in an effort to hunt him down and (hopefully) destroy him once and for all. Along the way they pick up a female hitchhiker and run into the girl of Mikes dream, providing love interests for both of our main protagonists. The battle is soon on and the real action commences.

While I liked the original Phantasm film, I think this is a better film, as the original actor that played Mike has been replaced – a good thing, as I thought the portrayal of character mike was the worse thing in the original film. If you liked the first film than you should really see this.

Here’s a link to the trailer:

Phantasm (1979) Horror With Balls – Literally

Well this is a creepy, well made horror flick with a dash of Sci-Fi that left me satisfied. Basically an alien entity known as the Tall Man is stealing bodies, and reanimating them and exporting them back to his planet as slaves. Acquiring the bodies is easy as the tall and has set himself up as an undertaker.

Unfortunately (for the Tall Man), a couple of friends attend their recently deceased friend’s funeral, starting the exposure of the Tall Man’s operation. One of the two friends has recently lost his parents and is in charge of his younger brother. The younger brother is convinced that his older brother will be leaving him, and therefore finds himself always following him around – including to the funereal. While hiding out, spying on his bother and the funereal he notices some weird stuff happening (like the Tall Man lifting the casket by himself and placing it in the back of the hearse – that’s a ridiculous amount of weight to be handled by one person. Trying to convince others that there’s shenanigans going on, he pretty much fails, until he is able to enter the mortuary and gather some unusual evidence that convinces his brother of the weirdness going on. The rest is a battle between the broyhers (and the older brother’s buddy, Reggie – the Ice Cream truck driver) against the Tall Man and his army of shrunk down reanimated bodies (oh – and a cool killer flying chrome robotic ball).

This is a stylish film that is surprisingly enjoyable, despite the fact that I can’t stand the acting of a couple of the characters – not unusual with these types of films .

This is one that I definitely suggest watching, and as it is part of a quartet of films (that means there is three sequels),  you can pretty much be sure that I’ll be reviewing those over the next few weeks. 

Check out the trailer here: