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The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972) – Yeah… Why Was This Made?

1972’s Legend of Boggy Creek is supposed to be a documentary. A shitty, shitty documentary about a Bigfoot like creature that had been claimed to  have been seen in and around Fouke, Arkansas since the 1950s.

Starring people from the actual town that claimed to have seen and or heard the Boggy Creek monster.

Low budget, bad narrating and especially bad music married together and then slapped on a crappy script with crappy filmography and you have this movie.

Even if you believe in Bigfoot and Bigfoot like creatures, look elsewhere. I feel greasy and like the worst of the 1970s came spilling out of my monitor. 

This feels like an episode of the old Leonard Nimoy series, In Search Of with all the talent and entertainment sucked right out of it.

Because I am so bored with this movie here is what Wikipedia says about this movie:

The film, which claims to be a true story, sets out to detail the existence of the “Fouke Monster”, a bigfoot-like creature that has reportedly been seen by residents of a small Arkansas community since the 1950s. It is described as having a foul odor, completely covered in reddish-brown hair and having 7 toes and also known by leaving tracks found in beanfields.

Several locals from the small town of Fouke, Arkansasrecall their stories, often appearing as themselves, claiming that the creature has killed several large hogs as well as other animals. In one scene, a kitten is shown as having been “scared to death” by the creature. The narrator informs us that while people have shot at the creature in the past, it has always managed to escape. In another scene, hunters attempt to pursue the creature with dogs, but the dogs refuse to give chase. A police constable states that while driving home one night, the creature suddenly ran across the road in front of him.

In a later sequence, culled from the actual newspaper accounts inspiring the film, the creature is shown menacing a family in a remote country house. After being fired upon, the creature attacks, sending one family member to the hospital

Available freely online, if you want to waste your time, then go ahead and watch this crap.

Here’s the Trailer:

And here is the whole crapfest of a movie:

How About a Public Viewing?

Hey folks, hope you are all well. I’ve been thinking of doing something fun, soon: I would like to get a few folks together over the ‘Net – most likely using Google Hangouts and have a viewing of some public domain cheese-fest of a movie. It would be similar to what my buddies and I do now over Skype – We all load up a movie, and on a count (you know: 3…2..1), we start the movie at the same time. It is necessary for everyone to be using headphones, as if someone is off by a half-second or so, it sounds like you’re watching the movie in a giant cavern – confusing. As for what movie that has to be decided. It has to be public domain so everyone can get a legal copy, and there are a LOT of public domain movies out there. I think something like Killers From Space (1951) would be a great place to start – it’s freely available on the Internet Archive and definitely fits the  type of movies that this site is dedicated to. Heck… If you are interested in doing this, just click link for The Killers From Space and download the movie (links on the left side of the page – you most likely will have to right hand click on the links and choose “Save As” or else the movie would most likely just start playing in your browser – you don’t want that.

So, let me know if you want to do this – It will most likely be later at night (11:00 pm or later, MST (that’s -7:00 GMT). Reply by clicking this email link to be notified aboout any plans to do this: CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME – Feel free to suggest a movie in the Email if you’ve got a suggestion – I look forward to it!

Where Can You Find Cheezy Movies Online?

We live in great times if you, like myself, appreciate B-Movies, because the Internet is polluted with these old, cheezy movies available for watching/downloading legally (in most cases).

Recently Google has expanded their movie service on Youtube. Now you can rent full length movies through the popular video service, but what many do not know is that there is a huge number of movies available for free also. I have watched several movies for free over the last few months on Youtube, including the notorious Ed Wood film, Plan 9 From Outer Space, the Filipino exploitation films, Brides of Blood and the Mad Doctor of Blood Island. There are lots more to come, I am sure as there are tons of B-Movies up there.

Another great source is the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is an organization that is indexing and archiving the Internet, as well as preserving media for the future. In their “Moving Images” section under Feature films you can find hundreds of public domain movies. I have watched quite a few Film Noir movies and a number of Science Fiction 50s B-Movies. There’s is whole lot more there too, including TV shows and music. This is actually my favourite spot on the Internet.

There are lots of other places too – all it takes is a Google search for Public Domain movies will reveal a plethora of sources. -Why not send me an email of your favourite, freely available movies on the Web? Email me at and share?

Check out these links to get yourself watching free movies:

Youtube Free Movies:

Internet Archive Feature Films: