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Death Race 2000 (1975) – More Proof That Roger Corman is More Than Human

imageI don’t know what major malfunction in my way of living caused me to wait 37 years to watch Death Race 2000, because you know what? This movie freakin’ rocks.

Released in 1975, Death Race tells the story of a bleak future when America is no longer a democracy and things are so crappy for the people in general that the government spend much more time finding things to blame and distractions from the general malaise. The Biggest of these distractions being the Death Race, and the star of said Death Race being, Frankenstein (played by  David Caradine) – a driver so damaged from accidents that he is covered from head to foot in a black, leather outfit so as not to frighten and disgust the public in general.

This is a silly movie about a race across the United States that  has the drivers getting points for taking out pedestrians along the way (different age groups having different points assigned each). Each of the drivers are in semi-futuristic modified weird vehicles that are weaponized and groovy. The drivers battle with each other as well as collecting points.

This year, a rebel group has decided to take out the racers and possible replace Frankenstein with one of their own.. Little do they know that Frankenstein is actually sympathetic to their cause!.

So, this movie is crazy and cheezy, yet is one of the more entertaining things I’ve seen in a while. It also has Sylvester Stalone on an early, but great roll as one of the racers.

Roger Corman is the King of the low budget, high action B-Movie, and this has got to be one of his absolute best films. If you haven’t seen this film (like I hadn’t), then you owe it to yourself to do so. 

Check out the trailer here:

The Terminal (2004) A Compelling, Fun Movie

**Thanks to Aby for this suggestion**

2004’s film, The Terminal stars Tom Hanks as Viktor Navorski, a native of Krakozia, who upon his arrival in the New York airport, JFK, finds that while he was flying, a coup broke out in his country and his nation is no longer recognized by the United States government, meaning his passport is not recognized, and therefore he cannot leave the Airport – at least until his county’s government is recognized.

This leads to Viktor with nothing to do but make a temporary life for himself in the airport. He has many things to surmount, like where will he get money for food, where will he sleep – you know: How will he live.

It turns out that Viktor is an intelligent, imaginative guy and he makes due, quite well. Along the way, he meets Catherine Zeta Jones, as an air hostess, and he falls for her, hard. That part of his adventure is a bit of a roller coaster. Persevering  and even finding a well paying, under the table job working construction with a crew renovating the airport, Viktor waits. He came to New York in order to complete a task his father had started, and out of respect Viktor is determined to complete (watch the movie to see what that is!). Much gets in his way, but Viktor is determined.

This is a feel good movie, and isn’t a bad movie – so don’t think that it is because I posted it here!

Check out the movie, and check out the trailer here:

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer (2012) – To All Those Who Told Me This Sucked You Can No Longer Suggest Movies to Me Anymore

Okay, I have to stop listening to people’s opinions when it comes to movies. When I first saw the trailers for 2012’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, I thought that it looked like it was going to be a good, silly action film. Then I made the mistake of listening to people who’ve said that it sucked, sucked badly. Well, I just watched the film and I am pissed at all those people. This movie was awesome.

Truly a silly concept: Vampires are making a (secret) claim for the U.S, using the cover of the Southern Unites Sates policies to hide their existence and plans. Abraham Lincoln, as a boy, had discovered their existence when he witnessed one of the creatures of the night take his Mother’s life, and growing up, planned and plotted revenge.

As a young man, Mr. Lincoln is recruited by a Vampire hunter and taught the methods he would need to battle Vampires, and agrees to attack and kill them only when receiving instructions to do so, all the time waiting for the instructions to kill the Vampire that killed his mother. Growing impatience with the wait causes friction between the young Mr. Lincoln and his mentor.

Time advances and Mr. Lincoln becomes President and overseas what appears to be a losing war against the South and it’s Undead allies. The Vampires’ extend their  grasp and influence over the and start taking a more direct part in the war with entire platoons of Vampires, leading Lincoln to devise an interesting method of combating the hoards of Undead.

This movie is stylish: it looks fantastic, the acting is passable (not amazing, but good enough), and the story, while silly, is interesting and compelling. If you can suspend your sense of disbelief  then is is a great, fun film to watch. I definitely recommend it.

Check out the Trailer here:

The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008) – Kimchi Western With a Side of Awesome

Do you like Spaghetti Westerns? Do you like the weird twist and feel that many newer Asian Directors have? If yes, then you’ll love this film.

Obviously a take on the Good, The Bad and the Ugly, this twistedly awesome Korean take on the Spaghetti Western keeps the viewer on the edge of their seats for the 2 hour plus action packed adventure.

The tail of three men and three factions all fighting for or against the freedom of Korea from the ruling Japanese. Great vistas with great cinematography combined with good, quirky acting leaves you with an epic film that kept me engaged from start to finish. Some of the scenes are taken almost directly from the original, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. There were a couple of scenes that almost blew my eyes out of my head, they were just that stunning. I’ve read that it was one of the highest budget movies made in South Korea and I can see why. I highly recommend this film if you are okay with subtitles – don’t bother with overdubs – they always suck.

Watch this move – hell watch it twice!

Here is the trailer:

Juan of the Dead (2011) – Anti-Revolution Zombie Movie From Cuba

Well, this movie was a refreshing surprise: a foreign made Zombie film from Cuba that feels fresh. Fresh is hard to do with a genre like Zombie movies, but it was accomplished here. Filmed in Spanish with English subtitles, I had to stay alert, as Spanish is spoken faster than English and the subtitles didn’t stay on the screen long – luckily I have no issues with this, but I think a lazy reader might have issues – too bad: go back to school.

Taking place in modern day Cuba, Juan, a local popular lothario and his buddy, the bumbling Lazaro, low level dissidents looking to make a profit in a society that eschews such things, finds money making opportunities when Cuban society is hit with a massive zombie outbreak. The film starts with Juan and Lazaro floating on a raft, fishing with little or no luck until he hooks what appears to be a corpse, but turn out to be a zombie. This sets the stage for the rest of the movie, and also introduces us to Lazaro’s bumbling response with any sort of a weapon. over the next few scenes we get to know Juan and Lazaro through their interactions with each other and those around them. This movie has a great look to it and seems unique – this probably has a lot to do with the fact that it comes from Cuba – I don’t think that I have ever seen a film from Cuba before, let alone a zombie movie from Cuba. 

Juan, seizing an opportunity when his city is over run with Zombies: he starts a business where he and Lazaro kills (re-kills, I guess), for a profit, family members that have become Zombies. A booming business.

Eventually though, Juan and Lazaro’s friends and family start dwindling as more and more are either destroyed by Zombies or become Zombies themselves. This means Juan and Lazaro must make decisions as to how they want to proceed.  

I’m not going to say any more about the story, as it is a good one and I believe the only way I can do it justice is by telling you to see the movie. An original Zombie movie is rare. An original Zombie movie that is actually good is even rarer. Give this one a shot, as it really deserves it.

Check out the trailer here: