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Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! (2006) – This Makes Thankskilling Look Like a Masterpiece

I watched 2006’s Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! last night and kind of wished I didn’t.¬†

This is a poorly made movie about a young, mentally challenged boy that is being raised by a single mom. The mom has a new boyfriend that she doesn’t realize is a murderous thug who manages to wrangle himself into living with the pair. The boy, obsessed with Easter, doesn’t like Mom’s new boyfriend, and confides this and other things to his pet bunny, given to him by a homeless man, a few days before Easter.

On Easter day, Mom has to work a double shift and the boy is left in the care of the boyfriend who decides that this is a great time to party, and offers up the boy to a pedophile drug dealer he knows in exchange for drugs and money. The attempt to rape the boy is foiled when a mysterious stranger in a bunny masks starts killing all the degenerates. So, bad guys/gals die, a secret is revealed, then another and then everyone (who’s still alive) live happily ever after.

Yeah… screw that shit. This is crap. Reading the reviews on makes me believe that the cast wrote most of the reviews. This is a waste of time with little or no redeeming values. Watch it if you want.

Here is the stupid trailer:

Bad Girls From Mars (1991) – Bad on Purpose, but Not Funny and That’s NOT on Purpose

I know this was going to be a bad movie… Really, it`s what I expected. I just hoped that it would be funny. It wasn’t – it was fucking boring.

This movie has almost all the makings of a Troma Film except for the part about being entertaining.

The gist of the movie? A low budget Sci-Fi film is being made and people on the set are dying. I died a little inside watching this shit.

That’s all…

Here’s a shitty trailer for this shitty movie: