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Billion Dollar Brain (1967) – Cold War Computer Espionage

Well here’s a movie that I’m surprised I never heard of. Billion Dollar Brain is an 1969 espionage film staring the always great Michael Caine and the late Karl Malden. Michael Caine plays a retired British secret agent who is hired to deliver a package in Helsinki, while being re-recruited (against his will) by MI-6 – the Spy agency he has retired from.

This is a confusing tale of back stabbing and multiple levels of deceit where it’s hard to really figure out who is really working for whom. There’s the Soviets, there’s Nato… the British and a computer who it is unclear who it’s working for until about three quarters of the way through the film, when we are introduced to the “General” – a billionaire Texan who is amassing a private army to assist in a planned uprising in Riga, Latvia.

As I said, there are many twists and turns and back stabbing in this film. Another very cool element is the fact that most of the espionage in this film is computer based – very forward looking. Michael Caine is awesome, too. I had never heard of this film until very recently, and I am happy to recommend this film. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. 

Check out the trailer here:

OSS 117: Cairo, Den of Spies – Funny, Despite Being French

I gotta tell you, I generally do not like French films. No sir, I generally do not find them entertaining. That said, OSS 117 Cairo, Den of Spies is so funny that it transcends any cultural differences.

This movie is a spoof of 1960’s spy movies and is based on a series of books by Frech author Jean Bruce. The main character,  Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, is a chauvinistic, culturally insensitive French Spy (though in the original books, he is an American Colonel), portrayed by Jean Dujardin who does a masterful job delivering the laughs.

Taking place shortly after the deposing of Egypt`s Kink Farouk by the government of Nassar, La Bath is sent to find out what has happened to fellow agent (and apparently very good friend), Jack Jefferson and a Soviet cargo ship full of arms, the Karpov. La Bath has two love interests in the film, one being  assistant of Jack Jefferson, Larmina El Akmar Betouche and daughter of deposed King Farouk,  princess Al Tarouk who has difficulty resisting La Bath’s advances.

La Bath proves to be an obtuse, silly, chauvinistic and completely culturally insensitive jerk, who on multiple occasions belittles the Islamic faith (mainly because he just does not understand it), and minimizes the role of woman continuously. His ignorance leads to ridiculous consequences (almost fuelling a revolution by his stifling a Muezzin, the person who calls (sings) the call to prayer, because he disturbed his sleep.

This movie is a hilarious romp and I strongly suggest you watch it. Just a heads up – don’t watch it if you don’t like subtitles.

Here is the trailer: