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If bad denotes “Low budget” I suggest FUBAR with Paul Spence and David Lawence.

Yes Johnny, you should watch this movie.

Well, I have seen it, but but it is a great suggestion. Folks, and if you like metal and like laughing then watch FUBAR.

Suggested Film: Quatermass and the Pit

I watched this, thought it was going to be terrible, and it was awesome. Watch it for great justice!

**Great suggestion! I am a fan of the Hammer films, and have read that this is a classic. Also a BBC TV series, I have been planning on watching this for some time, but somnething always seems to get in the way. Sooner will definitely be better, and I will write up my poor synopsis when done.



Movie suggestion: Mega Piranha

Hello, I just discovered your blog. I myself love bad movies and one of my favourites is Mega Piranha. It’s so stupid that you just got to love it. It’s a monster movie, like 2 Headed Shark Attack, but with, as the title already suggests, Giant Piranha’s.

Hope you like this suggestion, and won’t be offended if you’d give it a pass. Hope you’ll enjoy if you decide to watch it.

Greetings from Mirren

**Hey! Thanks for taking the time to write – I am so happy you did. Mega Piranha is actually on my list to watch soon – very soon. I’ve watched most of the other “Mega” movies, and am looking forward to this one. I know they’re bad – but that’s what makes them good, like you said. I also have to check out Gatoroid Vs. Mega-Python – that looks like shome cheezy greatness! 🙂